Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rush-booking X Mistakes-making: Better Keep Looking

it's never a good idea

to book your flight ticket in a rush

I was actually working on something


then at the same time

would like to sort this out

as soon as possible as


my sister boss has been

talking and talking and talking

she really wants to make this happen

despite I am not really keen to


to have 4 adults + 2 kids on

a family trip to HK


that is something

which have never cross my mind


having written this post last week

how I miss wandering alone in HK

but 6 is too large a number for me



flight booking


as long as flight tickets are booked

that's no way I can run away from this

I guess that's what's in my sister mind


as AirAsia tickets

go by this price discrimination tier

there are only 4 tickets left at

a certain price


had to book it in two batches

and since only 4 are left

it's to grab the last 4 now or

buy all 6 at a more expensive price


by the way

I just realize

there's not much difference

between adult and kid tickets


well.. understandable

they occupy a seat anyway


batch #1

2 adults & 2 kids

for my sister's family


suddenly all the sections

e.g: hot seat selection, meals,

x'tra luggage weight

I have been skipping all these while

are applicable when you are

going on a family trip


but of course

being a tour guide

keeping my tour members satisfied

would be my top priority

despite it is not my personal practice

2015.12.15 AirAsia HKG


then suddenly

something happened

my sis performed the transaction

via her online banking


I went to fix the collapsed

Ferrari garage for my nephew

in seconds when I came back


it showed that

the transaction code is invalid

so we were not even redirected to

a confirmation page


yet she got confirmation SMS

from the bank informing of

a successful transaction

and the transfer has been reflected in

her transaction record


I hate situation like this

and would never want to

go through another one


as the payment is pending

you would be in catch-22

either to book for new pairs of tickets

or to wait for a confirmation


and if it was released some weeks later

you gonna find tickets are at

a totally different prices

2015.12.15 AirAsia HKG 03


while calling up the bank

going through the long call transfer

hey yup suddenly got confirmation email

and the payment status is cleared

okay.. good grief


batch #2

2 adult tickets for

myself and my mom


that's what I mean

the price for third flight of the day

is no longer at 391.08 MYR

simply because I grabbed the 4 seats left

2015.12.15 AirAsia HKG 4


suddenly realized

I have made a mistake of

booking 40 kg for my sister

due to my really lousy Mathematics

in fact booking 20 x 2 kg would be better

2015.12.15 AirAsia



okay proceeded to payment

somehow did not work again

simply because I was logged in

at another tab in my online banking account

and they wouldn't allow double log-in


well thank goodness to this

because while I went through the details

realized I have filled up a wrong year for

my mom's birthday..


detail editing was not available

probably can only do so at an extra charge


the booking was put on hold for an hour

so I got back to my work

got it all done

before I came back to

make a new booking after

the previous one was released


alright done finally



weather is around 15'C in HK

alright at least the bulk of

duffel coat, denim jacket, varsity jacket etc

I bought two days ago can be

put to use pretty soon

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