Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Denim X Varsity: Yay or Nay?

G&H Denim Varsity Jacket

went out with my fellow

marketing-shopper yesterday

and something caught my eye

while i was wandering away


as my fellow i mean

marketing surveyor not shopper

was trying out something

in the fitting room



this is real nice

and it combines

both the elements I love


yet it’s sad to say that

i just bought

a varsity and a denim jacket

along with two pullovers and

a duffel coat two weeks ago


and i actually named that post

Pledge Breaking X Section Hopping: Year-end Shopping

in other words

i am not suppsoed to buy anything

until the beginning of 2016


isn’t that a little too much

thank goodness

they ran out of my size

and the only piece was

actually worn by the mannequin


my kind-hearted fellow surveyor

wanted to take that off her

yet i stopped her from


once i got that down

i bet i would buy it right away

so just let it stay where it is

it’s safer that way




i should have just

deleted the photo away


see no evil

buy no evil


dedicating an entire to

a single piece of jacket

i must be quite in love with it


by the way

they are giving out

notebook for The Peanuts Movie

for puchase above certain amount

and free wrapping service

with Peanuts wrapping paper



now I feel like going back


and we were talking excitedly

about this travel document wallet

both of us saw during

respective visits to Cotton On


happiness is

to speak about the same item

you both spotted while

you two were not together


now  I feel like oging back

but wait those are two different malls


those compartments

isn’t that lovely

Cotton On Travel Document Wallet 01Cotton On Travel Document Wallet 02

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