Saturday, December 12, 2015

From Windows Live Writer X to Open Live Writer: Temporarily Unavailable :(

somehow not really used to

blogging from built-in editor from

as I have been using Windows Live Writer

for the past.... at least 5 years?

since yesterday

Screen Shot 12-12-15 at 11.49 AM


the first reaction was

of course, a little worried

then went online and took a look


"you-are-not-alone" that kind of case

keep me at ease

feeling assured that

so it wasn't my problem


obviously Windows Live Writer

despite being really blogger-friendly

for this really small group of users like me

it has not been updated

in other words

abandoned by Windows since 2012


doesn't matter if it has not been updated

yet it is just as reliable

until yesterday


so what happened was

2 days ago

Windows have officially made

Windows Live Writer open-source


as far as I understand

that means it is no longer under Windows

but an open freeware

(used to be a freeware too)

run and managed by a group of

non-profit folks


currently known as Open Live Writer

Dot Net Foundation: Open Live Writer


okay so I move on to download a copy from

Open Live Writer . org



I can't even manage to

enter the program itself

stuck downright outside

during the configuration process

Screen Shot 12-12-15 at 11.48 AM


went on the Forum

other folks complained about that too

again, that put me at ease at

Git Hub forum: No connection possible with Blogger?


some authentication issue

between Open Live Writer and Blogger

and someone is actually fixing it

Convert Google Blogger ClientLogin to OAuth 2.0


used to experience this with

Windows Live Writer too

but it was soon resolved

back in May

Blogger Fix: Blogging Tool Block



so its' a Catch-22 situation

the old version is no longer available

yet the new version is not ready


till then

can only hang around

drafting in Windows Live Writer


wanna update a few really

delicious Wang Kai shoot actually

those will have to wait for now

biggest addiction ever!!

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