Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Curtain Call 2015: Back Then Healthy, Now Not Really

back then

the days of being healthy

while I was staying alone


a typical grocerry supply for a week

a typical weekly grocery supply


what the hell

munching the weekend away

no i blend those for a morning shake

cereal all the way


the common ingredients

found in my kitchen

pumpkineasiest to manage


a typical weeknight dinner

Macaroni salad

Sunday’s brunch

roast slice and veggies

Sunday’s lunch

fried noodle with veggie


the snack basket

yup you are right

if they ever go on war

i would have enough food supply

self-sustainbale for at least 2 weeks

my snack basket


smoothies time

green apple / orange / yogurt smoothiesgreen apple / orange / yogurt smoothies



ladies and gentlemen

were things of the past



it’s going to be a brand new year soon

time for some new year new me resolution


i got a fanciful fruit infused water bottle

from buying tortilla chips


and so i got some strawberries

and wanna embark on a new journey

i almost added chia seed and quinoa

into my cart too yet i didn’t



a barrel of miso

a pack of udon noodle

a can of light mayo

a bottle of pasta sauce


then i walked over

my mom was talking to the

promoter selling frozen fish fillet


unlike me

my mom can really talk to anyone

and the topic was Air Fryer



so i grabbed a pack of frozen fish fillet

and the promoter offered to

give us a cooler bag for free

if we buy 2 packs

okies then, no big deal


but wait

how do you eat fish fillet

just as it is

so i added some frozen fries and

sausage into the cart


here you go

my new year resolution for 2016

airfry everything for a fish n chips

with a strawberry smoothies

with the exception of the strawberry

in fact all the rest are junkie

isn't that cooler bag lovely

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