Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Where I Wanna be X This X’mas Season: With Justifiable Reasons

have been discussing with Mag

like I really wish

I could head down to HK


technically speaking,

should be heading up

northwards.. I mean


simply because

the X’mas decorations look good


having spent last summer

loitering from one mall to another solo

like their setup are like no jokes

with every mall having their own themes


the reason I went

Harbour City X Snoopy 2014


the one they having downstairs

that’s actually a newspaper vending booth

for real…

Mr Men Little Miss X Fashion Walk 2014


the one that really amaze me

although I am not really a fan

HK Times Square X One Piece 2014


the one that

looked pretty good

despite it’s not exactly

having as much fame as

the others icons

Hysan Place X Smiley


I am pretty sure

X’mas could be even better


then my sister was suddenly mentioning

I am sure that was not that random

but she made it sound random


of wanting me to plan a

family trip for her family

which consists of


herself, her husband,

the two kids

her husband’s twin brother

and my mom

to Hong Kong like next March

not forgetting myself too

as the planner / tour guide


what happened to the

Tokyo she was mentioning?

budget cutting?


and I was like

make it this Christmas then

the decorations are awesome

so are the theme parks, I guess


I don’t think

they offer something as good

during March

like in the middle of nothing


and it’s quite a valid reason

to go on holiday during Christmas

like everyone does it,

don’t they?


but she said

that would be too rushy to

plan for one right now


but she didn’t say so

when we were planning for

our Seoul-random trip

like less than one month too


a family trip nevertheless

requires more planning

I don’t blame her for that



I still want to go HK for Christmas

I still want to go HK for Christmas

and who know I really would

not that I have not done

this before


not really sure

what I gonna do really

probably I am just missing

those moments of


loitering solo from




listening to stories at

the hostel lounge


talking to random people at

Avenue of Stars



catching a ferry to islands

go first and decide what to do later

or do not have to decide at all

Lamma Island


greeted by this

Lamma Island


eating awesome egg tart

with Kowloon milk in glass bottle

HK Egg cartKowloon Dairy Milk


go kao-qim at Wang Dai Tsin temple

as for what I asked for

I am still waiting for

a miracle to happen

*isn’t that pretty obvious

Wang Dai Tsin temple


it’s one of the most

heavily populated place on earth


but it feels really free to

roam solo among people

HK Comic Con 2014


but if I do

my sister would probably

be so so mad with me


some of the X’mas line-ups this year


The complete picture-list of 30 locations


and of course

top 3 on my must-see list

(1) Peanuts

(2) The Little Prince movie exhibition

(3) Sesame Street

Xmas Decor in HK 2015 觀塘apm Snoopy飛越夢想聖誕佈置 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 太古廣場(Pacific Place)小王子電影版展覽 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 Cyberport 數碼港商場 x 芝麻街 芝味聖誕 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 D.Park Daddy Long Legs 愉景新城長腿叔叔浪漫剪影小屋 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 HKIG 香港國際機場一號客運大樓接機大堂 Swarovski 聖誕佈置 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 IFC, Central 中環IFC 懸浮聖誕巨樹 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 Lee Garden, Hysan Place 利園 希慎廣場 - RE SHARE A WISH 願望.傳遞—聖誕球企劃 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 MCP新都城中心 X Mr. Potato Head Lab (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 MOKO新世紀廣場 Moomin 姆明聖誕森之庭園 (via Decor in HK 2015 Olympian City 奧海城 x TOMICA 聖誕佈置 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 The Landmark 置地廣場 80隻小熊聖誕佈置 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 The ONE 杯緣子佈置 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 TMT Plaza 屯門市廣場 Little Twin Stars希臘神殿 (Photo taken from Decor in HK 2015 Windsor Castle 皇室堡 Peppa Pig冬日冰雪樂園 (Photo taken from x 寵物小精靈 Pika Fever過聖誕 (via Umagazine)

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