Friday, December 25, 2015

SEOUL Random 04: Foodie as a Dummy (Like Me)

back home

i hardly eat Korean food

i could probably count

how many times

have i been to a

Korean restaurant


but what i really love about

Korean food is obviously

the side dishes they serve


as a pseudo vegetarian

those will do to be served

as a meal on their own

Kiimchi is always a must

the rest differ from shop to another

Korean Food - side dishesP1310726


so my tactic was

to eat loads of these

and declare I am done

before the main course is served

which is usually not my type of food


the lady was asking if

a 200g portion is enough for 3

wait.. is that supposed to be

a portion for one

Korean food - Pork BBQKorean food - spicy chickenKorean food - seafood pancake & fried chicken in soy sauce


that was our first meal upon arrival

hotpot at Myeongdong

quite spicy despite the fact that

we took level 2 out of

5 levels of spiciness available

Budae jjigae 部隊鍋

known as the Army hotpot

post Korean war (back in the 50’s)

due to food shortage

the locals took sausage, ham etc

(basically processed food)

from the American camp and

made this with their local sauce

Budae jjigae 部隊鍋


some street snacks

we were staying right opposite

a local market

therefore would buy something

and munch it while heading out

something similar to Youtiao

variety of flavours / filled

sugar coated / veggie / red bean /

read bean + glutunious rice

Korean Youtiao 油條


pork pancake

Korean pork pancake


seaweed roll (gimbap)

with pickled raddish

usually served as breakfast

Korean seaweed roll (gimbap)


savoury fishball roll

this was at Nam Dae Mun

Korean fishball roll


felt a litle cheated

was wondering how come

they offered so many flavours

and there isn’t that much machines

this place doesn’t even look strategic

once we picked our flavour

they took the soft ice cream in

tiny little cup from the fridge

and squeeze it into the machine

= =”

collapsing green tea soft ice cream


those cold nights

eating super spicy noodle

and balance out the spiciness

with fresh milk

Samyang spicy noodle


so i heard this is quite a hype too

honey butter chip

a sweet and savoury puff snack

tasted weird initially

but once you started munching

it tasted alright

yet definitely a little overrated

for all the hysteria / hype created

Korean snack honey tong tong



Korean (budget) fastfood

basically i guess it is more of a fusion

Korean side dishes with fried fillet

Hansot Korean fastfood



mustard sauce

my fav-est sauce besides wasibi

well, knowing that I am a weirdo..

mustard sauce


Dunkin Donuts X Baskin Robin

probably under the same

group of company

Dunkin Donuts is surprisingly

a popular hang-out place

probably because they serve

a variety of coffee at a

reasonable price (in terms of Seoul)

so happy to find good old English muffin

served whole day at Dunkin Donuts

Korean Dunkin Donuts English muffinKorean Baskin Robin ice cream roll


Hongik University 弘益大學

due to the college community

this place is saturated with

good and cheap food

i don’t know

that’s what they are saying

but i did not know how come

we ended up eating KFC

Korean KFC


and made way for these

these photos is a

total plagism or would rather call it

an imitation what I have seen on

social media sites

the hype over Korean street foods

1000 / 2000 / 3000 won each

(not in the proper sequence)

Korean sweet pancake with frozen yogurtKorean waffleKorean soft ice cream


Merry Christmas!

Fish bun with frozen yogurt


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