Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Curtain Call 2015 (I): What’s There to Look Back

during end of 2014

all the way until mid Jan 2015

I landed in some mess

at work place


and hence

didn’t actually compile some

wrap-up posts for 2014


there went a year

just like that

and it is unlikely that

I would be able to pick up

much about 2014 right now

even if i really want to


there’s definitely no look-of-the-month

as i hardly snapped photo

not even once a month


career wise

from really lost for the first quarter

to some ups and downs during the second

there’s definitely a wrap up to write



4 overseas this year

considered fruitful

and all four on a

“travel n work” basis


there’s definitely no

shopping sheet as

I was staying good for

the entire year

not until end of Nov to Dec


totally unleashed

i would say it is more of

quality instead of quantity


heck.. still expecting 2 huge parcels

one in terms of the physical size

one in terms of the item itself

those are my self-presented X’mas gifts

nobody really gives me anything

so a little self-reward is necessary


and during the final two months

have been so intoxicated over

Wang Kai, Wang Kai and Wang Kai

21 posts in less than 2 months


i don’t see it as a bad thing, though

nor can i deny that

it’s a little too much


more like an imaginery boyfriend

cruel but true


last but not least

before it hits 12 AM

it’s winter solstice today

in our lunar calendar

which means winter is at its max

and after today the weathe would turn warmer

as we are approaching spring

i.e. the Lunar New Year

Snoopy Winter Solstice 冬至快樂 史努比


well weather condition doesn’t really apply

these days, it’s just cranky

that was what my dad was saying just now

while we were walking round the field

he was expecting some dry wind

like 2 months before Lunar New Year

yet it felt a bit humid and breezy today




definitely will compile something for sure

wouldn’t want to land in

the same situation as 2014 again

when i look back

there’s basically quite nothing

to look back at

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