Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Running ‘Round X Napping Now: New Dog in the House!

the view from my work-desk

meet my frog, Ar-Hok 阿福

and our jambu air a.k.a. water apple tree

my frog


and from today onwards

it will longer feel the same again

lolzz.. licking my lens

my frog vs my dog


as my dad suddenly suggested

to adopt an abandoned dog

immediately seconded, of course

and 15 minutes later

here he is back home with us


he was abandoned

like the owner got some better dog

then he loitered for a couple of days

almost strayed, looking for a new home


the folks who had been feeding him for

the past one week asked my dad if

he wants it or if

my dad could help them to pick him away


no worries

not to be bothered

he is such a tame dog

and with some bread

he got up into our car like

no hassle at all


the previous dog we had back home

was like when I was still a baby and

passed away when I was 5, I think…

have vague memory of

feeding him with “colorful flower biscuits”


not sure if we will make a good owner

but we definitely have ample space

for him to roam around

grass to roll around and

shades to take nap at

my dog, tentatively named Blackie


like us

he likes bread and crackers

I bet he gonna love our homemade loaf

but first… some pork floss roll for him

my dog, tentatively named Blackie


expecting myself to spend more time

at the yard next time round

I have never dare to go out much

when I am alone

after my neighbour claimed to have

see the hissing creature loitering


such a nice body shape

my dog, tentatively named Blackie


can’t exactly remember

how many times I begged my dad

to keep a dog at home

but never given the green light to

I have long ago given up hope


two years back

a white abandoned dog

I named Snowie came

he is way too friendly

Snowie a.k.a. XiaoBai, not sure what he is called now


now he is staying

at the corner lot opposite

chained to the fence

under hot sun

sob… feel really guilty


that was snapped Nov 2013

when he was first adopted

and I stopped paying him visit

since he is now other’s dog

Snowie a.k.a. XiaoBai, not sure what he is called now


of all places

he chose the tank where

we keep Water Apple Tree The Third

which is not exactly that shady

where ever he is comfortable with

my dog, tentatively named Blackie


let me get back to my work

can’t wait to go shopping for supply


not sure what his name is yet


the photo folder

is tentatively named as Blackie

Blackie was the dog we last had too

let me go dig his photo later


Our best Christmas gift ever!

life is better with a dog, Charlie Brown and Snoopy

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