Thursday, December 3, 2015

In-Store X On-Line: Caught in UNIQLO

alright in order to compile

the previous post on

UNIQLO UT X The Peanuts Movie: Still Vintage :D


so I wandered off I guess

realizing the one my sister

was “begging” to buy

is available online at a

really good deal

UNIQLO X Peanuts Women Sweat Pullover Dress 50 off


she wanted it quite badly

back in early October

before our Seoul-random trip


but I told her with confidence

it’s October..

nobody would really buy these


and pretty soon

they would be launching Winter collection

and these would be available at 50% off


so now I guess

I have to buy one for her

the same applies to

the previous incident on

Korean instant noodle and snack

SEOUL Random 03: The Grocery Craze


a YOUNGER sister

compensated her one whole box of

Korean instant noodle and Pepero

which I eventually ordered online

at a cheaper price than

hand-carrying those stuff from Seoul


since she resented me for

trying to stop her from

buying more and more and more

at Lotte Mart


on top of the Peanuts sweat dress

the Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket

I have been eyeing for quite some time

is on a rather tempting deal too


seeing is believing

during the final day of our stay at Seoul

I saw a Japanese lady

was wearing just a thin layer top

and she was heading out


seriously it’s 4’c out there

then she took out a Ultra Light Down

in that cute little bundle case



I wanted it more

like never before


and what’s more

it’s a Disney edition

Women Disney Project Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket 01


down to these two

navy is obvious the preferred choice

but the Mickey and Minnie print is

a little bit way too much

Women Disney Project Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket 03

or back to basic

this is also a Disney edition

if you wonder where the Mickey is

probably it is on the inner side

no, I don’t think

you can actually wear it inside-out

Women Disney Project Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket 04



the cute-enough tiny cute bundle case

is getting a little way too cute here

Women Disney Project Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket 05Women Disney Project Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket 02


I know the entire collection by heart

like since I got them all compiled

the one on left

it wasn’t available in white online, though

the navy one on right

immediately I was asking myself

damn.. if they have the white version



on the other side

and I made my dad get

his very first UT/Peanuts shirt

no.. I didn’t do it by force



basically I wanted to

check out the sizing for

ULD and the sweat dress

before I proceed to order one online



but first..

it’s that a little evil

like you come into physical store

just to try it out for free

and then proceed to

order your items online


so I did make my contribution

to the local economy


loots of the day (in-store)


and the one for my dad

he has green shirts in

different shades of green


this print is actually awesome

as it is the scene from the movie itself

and featured as the core storyline

in the lyric video of the OST

Better When I'm Dancin' by Meghan Trainor



Better When I'm Dancin' / Meghan Trainor /

The Peanuts Movie


some main Peanuts folks

are cheering for Charlie Brown

at the other side of the shirt


and Linus is stealing a glance

at the camera



loots of the day (online)

still figuring out

I have 4 items in my

shopping bag now


yeah they don’t call it a cart

because you don’t see on in-store


I have 4 items in total, so far

on top of the ULT jacket

a Peanuts sweat dress

still waiting for my sis’ confirmation



my dad said the quality looks fine

but they have this funny condition

this is a member’s deal

you have to flash your UNIQLO mobile app

in order to buy it at this price

bleah.. why bothered

I could find the same thing online


UNIQLO MEN Chino Shorts


last piece

after I clicked this into my shopping bag

it was all sold out for all sizes

UNIQLO Flare Mini Printed Sleeveless Dress


by the way

they offer free shipping

for purchase above 150 MYR

quite reasonable, isn’t it


not that I am heading anywhere for winter

but I guess it’s justifiable to buy one

who knows I am heading to

Forbidden City for the snow

real soon..


thank you UNIQLO

my 12-month-no-shopping pledge

is broken today



I think you have already broken it

last Thursday when you got that Puma shorts

did I?


speaking of which

that pair of shorts is really comfie

and I am heading back for another pair



whatever pledge

three tsk… for yourself


wait a minute

should I get something for my mom too

like when the package arrives

everyone will have got something

except for herself

Screen Shot 12-03-15 at 12.49 AM


isn’t this one lovely too

obvious.. yet

this is not for my mom

UNIQLO Flare Sleeveless Dress


one minute please

that pair of sneakers

is that actually a pair of Stan Smith

with the logo being PS-ed away?

UNIQLO Flare Sleeveless Dress 01

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