Sunday, August 24, 2014

Olaf! X Don’t Run!: High-Risk-Fun

Snow dropped by for a visit

because his owner texted to say that

he was trying to sneak into my house again

when their door was left ajar


Naughty Cutie X Called Snowy: Can I be Your Baby?

remember him?

he came two weeks ago

into my place and

I returned him to the owner

after he contacted me via the

“Lost n Found” notice


so we were having some

time hanging around

until my skinhead bro Kecik

asked me for dinner hang-out

Olaf my litle rascal catOlaf my litle rascal catOlaf my litle rascal cat


I was like eh.. can I bring my cat along

because my housemates were

hysteric when they saw it

what’s their problem?

so there he was with us

a 30 minutes ride on the car

and he found the most comfortable spot

we decided to name him Olaf

Snow is a little lame, isn’t it?

Olaf my litle rascal cat


at first he settled on my lap

pretty tame until he decided that

he wanted to walk on the ground

feel the grass, feel the floor

so he went roaming and

ended up quarreling with a stray cat

Olaf my litle rascal cat


he threw a tantrum and

was hiding underneath a motorbike

refusing to come out

refusing to be fed and

was in a really bad mood, it seemed


so it took us quite awhile

and finally lured him out

with some food and

managed to have him back

on my lap again

poor Olaf, must be kinda hungry

Olaf my litle rascal cat


he looked sleepy yet

refusing to sleep on the journey home

and threw his bad temper around

when I took him out of the car and

walked him home

I was literally coaxing him like a child

Olaf my litle rascal cat


he was fine once

we got home but

looked a little rattled

must be from the encounter

with the stray cat just now

frankly speaking, the stray cat

didn’t even do anything to him

and he refused to

look at me and walked away whenever

I was trying to talk to him


Olaf my litle rascal cat


and me..

suffering from some stretch-mark


Olaf my litle rascal cat gave me some good scratchesIMG_5889


the owner finally collected him

around 1am when he was already

sleeping at the steps of our staircase

I bet you could have guessed

he was angry and grumpy again 


and oops

“we kinda dirtied your white kitten

since we brought him out for a walk”

of course without telling him

what actually happened

*that patch of motor oil on his back*


Olaf my litle rascal cat

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