Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lacey X Satin: Kelly LBD

bought a LBD from MyDeal

which is not too bad a deal

for  39.90 MYR

Kelly Sleeveless Little Black Dress


loads details in there

lace top

belt-like waist “wrap”

chiffon-like botton

minor-degree of mullet element

apology for the low-quality image

lace x chiffon LBD


I sent the front view image

to Fat Perry and

obviously he would tell me

it looked nice

(as if he has a choice)


then I told him that

I am probably not wearing this

to work because it’s a little too much

at the back, so

sending the back view image


and I added on that

this is fine for personal use

dating or something


yet he told me that

it’s okay,

it’s fine to go work in it too



can’t he see

I mean to say that

I will only wear this

just for him..


oh come on

I used to detest lace material

so so much

especially white lace which

I still do up till this very moment


but not so for lacey LBD huh

yet… I will reserve it for

special occasion and person only

do you hear me?


but hey

I can wear it to work still

with a base top in there right?



forget it

I really don’t know

what am I rambling about

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