Sunday, July 6, 2014

Guy’s Girl X Got a Make-Over: First Ever Maxi Skirt

for someone who wakes up

as early as 5:30 am every morning

Sunday is no exception

by 10 am

already got 4 blog posts uploaded

showered and breakfasted


was planning to have a

Sunday walk cum breakfast session

was called off


so let’s go



this was last week

KIVed a long skirt

which I have never owned one

and I wasn’t sure if it’s the right one

Chambray Playing X Eden Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins

Bershka elastic band maxi / long skirt


so I sent this to

5 impartial observers

no I am not sure if they are all

impartial because

guys will tell you,

you look good even you look like shit


and the result is

what’s that word?? 

“it-means-one-sided” 5 votes

for a Yay


what’s that word?



I have to go look up in

one of the court report I have done

during media law


I found it

unanimous decision delivered by

the five panel is as below:

(1) Eva

it looks good. It's just that

you're in flats so thats

why it looks kinda odd.

You just need to wear heels or wedges.

*thumb-up emoticon* twice


(2) Sue

Nice leh!!!



(3) Jim

So nice

Pretty la

Buy la

(I don’t trust him,

for real, hehe)


(4) Kaze


Pretty weih

*heart-shaped eyes emoticon*


(5) Mag

I dun really like the shirt… haha

long skirt can


and last but not least

the 6th but most important vote

which didn’t make any difference

because it was delivered

after the purchase was done



(6) Carly, aka my manager

Not bad

Next u can get maxi dress


so here was I

with 3 maxi skirt

differentiated each other in terms of

Price (MYR) Material Slit
99 chiffon-like knee length
79 thick polyester high
59 polyester slight


the one I tried on was

the one with the tallest slit

that explained the

down-right weirdness

I was feeling

Bershka elastic band maxi / long skirt


candidate #1

59 with slight slit

okay this definitely felt way better

than the tall slit I was so uncomfie with

I am a good kiddo, you know

Bershka elastic band maxi / long skirtBershka elastic band maxi / long skirt


candidate #2

79 with moderate but

obvious slit

Bershka elastic band maxi / long skirtBershka elastic band maxi / long skirt


thanks to Sue and Eva

for their encouragements for me to

actually step out of my guy-girl’s shell

they actually do not know each other

but the resemblance in style

well.. birds of the same feathers

Should I just bring these two together

as one single flock?

p.s. I am yet to try peach color

my beloved Sue the shopping advisor

and hey the one Eva is wearing here

is actually one of the candidates

the one I tried on last week

super high slit and

what she did was to sew it up


my beloved Eva the shopping advisor


loot of the day

decided to go for the

basic one with slight slit

Bershka elastic band maxi / long skirt


wait a minute

I was in Mango too

but without any loots

just a KIV, though


this was my OOTD

Bershka cropped tee x mullet royal blue dress


which I worn later at home as

Bershka cropped tee x adidas shorts


did I lose weight

since the first time

I put this on back in the fitting room?

yup I think I did

SH! SH! 15: Bershka Muska

Bershka cropped white tee


I really like this piece

but why bothered to buy an one-piece

if you have the individual items

as they are

the black one didn’t

stand out as much, though

I wasn’t even bothered to snap

Contrast Bodice Dress, the name is

Mango Contrast Bodice Dress white-black


flamingo print dress with

round collar

I know right

another penetration for this guy girl

I think this makes a perfect dating dress and

the pink buttoned-belt is

kinda sweet too

MANGO flamingo print dress with round collar


it actually looks fine too

even without the belt


added to wishlist

MANGO flamingo print dress with round collar


a shirt-dress

somehow funny

because of the two extra pieces

at the sleeves

too bad

or else this could make a

great formal LBD

MANGO shirt dress LBD


I guess I have too many LBDes that

I labeled this as without USP

unique selling point




so I looted the maxi skirt

from Bershka

happy.. navy.. cropped tee


should I come back for the

navy blue flamingo print

round collar dating dress with

pink buttoned belt from Mango

next week?

MANGO flamingo print dress


we will think about it

probably another round of voting

should be carried out

7 members panel this time round


Mr Jim already voted a Yay

useless voter he is

and at the same time

he has been telling me to

quit shopping until 2020

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