Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Golden Indian Curry

Golden Indian Curry

Golden Indian Curry


actually was trying to get rid of

the mashed pumpkin in the fridge

wouldn’t wanna have any more

pumpkin soup after 2-3 servings last week

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Creamy Pumpkin

slicing pumpkin


hey.. how about

pumpkin curry then

my favourite dhal curry

back at the Indian restaurant

I lost count of how long since

I last visited “3-roses” restaurant

there’s pumpkin in there too


and the spice?

as usual the quick fix

this is really spicy

use it sparingly with caution

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Somewhat Indian Curry?

Ruchi mixed vegetable Indian pickle


why pumpkin

goes so well with curry is

first of all

its perfectly creamy texture


and the sweetness

blends well with spices

so the spiciness is tuned down to

a more moderate level and


at the same time

the sweetness of the pumpkin

is adjusted to a better balance

trust me, eating mashed pumpkin

on its own could make you

fall sick of the taste real soon

too overpowering


I actually made a

side dish of mashed potato too

was expecting a guest for dinner actually

but it was called off

so I had fridge the mashed potato

mashed potato


creamy, buttery, cheesy, crunchy

this is actually kinda sinful

maybe I will turn it into spread tomorrow

to go with wrap

what do you think?

mashed potato


there goes my

not-working weekday

loitering in the kitchen

well.. can’t ask for more

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