Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birthday Pressie X Uniquely Easy: Simply Spidey!

Fat’s birthday in two weeks time

and we are expecting a

really hectic and long week ahead

so I was randomly looking for

gift which I can buy in advance


walked into Bershka and

hey this is damn nice,

Spidey for Fatty

a little pricey, though

Bershka Marvel Heroes print tees


but it’s Fat’s birthday

so it’s alright

I snapped a photo of

the shopping bag and told him that

I bought something for him

without indicating the brand of course

and he was like what’s this


that Fat

all he thinks of is food

Bershka Marvel Heroes print tees - the amazing Spider-man


time to wrap

hey.. it fits in perfectly

into this Opti-Free box

recycled gift wrapping box


wrapping time

any idea?

simply print out

the selected design

onto an A3 size paper

there you go

one of the kind wrapping paper

wrapping paper print out


I am never good at gift wrapping

but looks like I have to

give myself a pat on the shoulder

this time round

simple gift wrapping idea - Spider-man milk carton


a gift (from Steph) is

never complete

without a D-I-Y card

by the way

this typography is known as LOT,

simple birthday card


I was seeing him unboxing the gift

and made sure the box is

in intact condition and

we stuffed in some recycled paper and

re-taped it back and

hey here’s another table display for

Fat’s table which has been

occupied by my “great works of art”

I hope he will not try to auction

any of them away, one day

simple birthday card



can’t help wandering away to

the girl’s section as well

thank goodness this didn’t look good on me

Bershka varsity hoodies



be-earlied birthday, Fat

see you tomorrow

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