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Stephelle’s Kitchen: Bella Italia Pasta

similar to the choice of pasta sauce

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Pasta Sauce(s)

I used to be quite indifferent to

whatever brands I consume

until I bumped into Bella Italia


it’s chewy,

it’s compact,

it’s basically something different

from loads other I have ever tasted 

Bella Italia Fusili Pasta 03


they did some pretty good

write-up on the pasta itself



Premium Pasta

Authentic Italian Pasta,

All Natural as in the original Italian Tradition.

An Italian Premium pasta made only with:

high quality semolina

(more than 13% of proteins),

and Pure Italian water... nothing else!


To recreate on your table

an authentic Italian experience

preserving all the taste of this

traditional wholesome food.

Bella Italia Fusili Pasta 02



Originally from northern-central Italy,

the name comes from “fuso”,

the spindle used in the past for

spinning wool.


The shape features three fins which

spiral upwards, with

the capacity to "capture"

any kind of dressing, and

the attention of those who wish to

enjoy to the full the taste and

colour of ripe wheat.

Bella Italia Fusili Pasta



When pasta was handmade,

fusilli was produced by

a method passed down from

mother to daughter.

It was an acquired skill:

spaghetti was twisted around

a knitting needle with

a swift gesture by expert hands.


The ability was reminiscent of

that of the spinners,

and in fact the name "fusilli"

comes from "fuso",

the wool spinner's spindle.


Today, Bella Italia maintains the values

which animated those movements,

reproducing and conserving

the characteristics of taste and tradition.


Suggestion for Use

Fusilli is always the right choice.

You cannot go wrong with fusilli!

This pasta adapts perfectly to

rich meat or vegetable sauces,

but also reveals its

multiform personality in fresh salads,

with diced vegetables, spices, or fish.


The best dressings cling

harmoniously amidst the spiral fins,

accompanied by the velvet tones of

raw extra virgin olive oil,

with enveloping, delicate sensations.

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