Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen : Eighteen Spice 十八鮮

I never thought that

this can be real good

Eighteen Spice 十八鮮


the flavour is really rich

I was expecting just

some “pepperish” taste

and that’s all

Eighteen Spice 十八鮮 Veggie Soup 蔬菜湯


out of curiosity

I Googled for 18 Spices

so it’s actually a

light veggie salad dish

not too bad, probably can

give it a try next time round

Eighteen Spice 十八鮮 (


featuring ingredients as below:

bean sprout 銀芽1碗

oyster mushroom 鮑魚菇2片

bamboo shoot 筍半個

dried mushroom 香菇2朵

carrot 紅蘿蔔1段

enoki mushroom 金針菇1碗

snow pea 荷蘭豆1小碗

sliced ham 火腿絲1碗

black fungus 木耳1小碗

pickled veggie 榨菜1塊


sugar 糖1小匙

black sesame sauce 麻油適量

salt 鹽1小匙


but coming back to this

the spiciness and flavours

don’t actually tie up with the

veggie salad, not at all

so they are totally different things I guess

so what’s in here?

Eighteen Spice 十八鮮



who cares

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