Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Corn Salad

I am not that kind of person

who can sleep through the morning of

a non-working weekday / weekend


was awake at 5,

resumed the sleep

fully awake by 7 and

had a usual Horlicks-Choco-shake for breakfast


I ate more on non-working day, actually

already feeling quite hungry by 11:30 am

so here’s a side dish on top of

the main course of veg-pasta-bowl


corn salad with

the dressing of yogurt and

Lurpark light butter spread

crushed corn flake as topping

corn salad with corn flake, yogurt and butter


corn flake is officially my kitchen’s staple 

thanks to its neutrality

can be added into savoury dish,

dessert, smoothies, hot drink


and when I was really starving

I just stood by the food rack and

started munching corn flake

before heading for

a long shower, followed by a

quick dinner fix

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