Saturday, September 25, 2010

W.T.O. White-Tattoo-Obsession

I promise Miss Manager that

the next post gonna be in English

no more emo Mandarin words

and Canto love songs

and I can’t afford to be emo on a Saturday

then whole weekend ruined

just like that


okay call me racist

I am very much obsessed with

white men with tattoo

WTO… aha


with that built and the tattoos

they don’t have to wear anything sleek

just a white tee and faded jeans

definitely they look good

in whatever they wear


and they can afford to look

scruffy, haggard, vagrant

well what ever you call it,

they will still look hot hot hot


and for a bonus

if they have got piercings

awwwwh man

it’s really killing me


from David Beckham

David Beckham


to Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell


not forgetting Eminem



do you remember Jack

Matthew Fox


recently Adam Levine

Carly Yap I still hate you

please snap loads photos

his tattoos, particularly

Adam Levine


and so much recently

since last week

Bobby Hicks

Bobby Hicks

he looks good even in red



he looks good in everything

smart casual, street wear

and these are the other side of him

the houseman

Bobby and Miku


make sure you

follow Bobby

on his blog

on lookbook


curious about his occupation?

I am a twenty-five year old writer. I collectively have compiled a series of short stories, poetry, and I have recently finished my second novel, entitled "A Field of Owls."

Carly Yap

if Ong Yi Hing is the hot asian writer

sorry you don’t read Mandarin

so it’s quite impossible for you to feel him



but Bobby Hicks is definitely another hot writer

admit it,

you better do…

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