Thursday, September 16, 2010

On a Holiday Morning Like This II

ok sorry I have to make this into two parts

this is a continuation from

On a Holiday Morning Like This Pt II

because I can’t seem to upload all the photos

in one post

actually I finished compiling this @ 11am

but it just refused to be uploaded


so the story stopped

in front of Hatten Square

I have to make an U-turn

because my camera, Mr. Oly is dying


into the back-lane

wasup bro


back-lane is full of filthy truths

I am lucky enough to find one

stolen public property

locked in a café’s compound

so is this from a high-way public toilet?

c’mon maybe I am so wrong

they just bought it 2nd-hand

from the multi-billion high way company?

PLUS bin


taking the short cut back

cutting across to Paramesware Road


Mr. Oly is already dying

please give him the strength to take the rest of the photos


I learn to appreciate Chinese architecture

from my daddy

visiting a temple

praying is not really our main concerns

scanning around for nice wood-arts

dragons, lions, tables, calligraphies

gosh, if you have been to my house

then you would have known how crazy we are



oh my

this guy must have a hard times

practising to write his own name

when he was young

nice name anyway

literal translation: hidden wealth



home-style lodging is fast growing in Melaka

backpack traveler’s 1st choice

compared to those big names like Holiday Inn

and most of them provide bicycle rental

so it is quite common to see Ang Mo cycling around

in my neighbourhood

I am a cyclist too… haha

trust me, I am really a pro cyclist

don’t mess with me, okay

Emily 71


poor car

if masking tape is not good enough


there are a couple of schools around

at least five

weird isn’t it

only for secondary 1 & 2

care & relaxxxx

sorry if I sound like a Pedophilia

Danny Boy's Care & Relax


this is so cool

private road

I should have just venture in and check it out

but what if they just let the dogs out

private road of 117A-BOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


taking a good look at this signboard

I discovered they are so stylish

and got the curves

does it mean there are students in the vicinity?

do not ask me how I passed my driving license



empty junction

but the grassmen were all still working diligently


everything is so empty


teacher teacher

I learned a new word today


what’s wrong with them

the old building still look ok




two more days to our appointment

@ Saturday Ice Café

I ate loads of fried Kueh Teow from here

during primary school

after tuition

hanged around at grandpa’s house

he would pack it

had it while playing Super Mario World

that was those days..

there used to be a pretty nice duck noodle stall

no longer here Sad smile



finally wish everyone

Happy Malaysia Day

Happy Holiday

now you realize

I am also very very patriotic

because.. I spent 6 years here

fooling around

happy Malaysian Day

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