Saturday, September 11, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife

oh my

this movie pretty much disappointed me

maybe it’s the law of diminishing marginal utility again

i shouldn’t go for movie two days in a row


first of all

i guess i have mentioned before

i am not a great fan of sci-fi

books or movies

the only sci-fi i read is Jules Vernes’

but please don’t tell me about the “Around the World” movie

thank you..

that is another disaster


so the main reason i entered for this movie

is someone is passionately in love with Milla Jovovich

so the first few scenes at the Umbrella HQ

were what he was putting much hope in

so that was the climax for us

after that

the movie is just another movie

haha, i don’t even know what am i talking about

Noobie's Goddess


what should i look for in a sci-fi movie then

i don’t play the games

i don’t watch the previous sequels

it’s tough, isn’t it

but the story is kinda old-skol man

no complication at all

about virus, affecting the whole planet

people started to turn mutant

left with a few survivors

it just them against the whole bunch of zombie

there’s no high tech weapons

just guns

actually i kinda hate movie that bang bang bang too much

if i want to see shooting

i will rather watch a cow-boy movie

or maybe a cop trailer

not in sci-fi

i expect more sophisticated stunts and weapons 



speaking about zombie

oh my

it really looked like that game

Plants vs Zombies

just shoot everyone in the head, won’t you

and you will survive

but there is a damn well-built zombie

who gave them a headache

BFG = Big F* Giant


who let those dogs out


they are so disgusting

disgusting dogs


ok moving on to the characters part

i think that some characters are not so well-developed

like Chris, i mean he can do better than that

i don’t exactly remember a scene

where he got to unleash his Prison Break’s power

he is just another character

even the sister, Claire has got the fighting scene

with the BFG ~ Big F* Giant

Claire, so sorry that

throughout the whole movie

i think she is a spy from the Umbrella Corp



and Luker the basketball star

he was grabbed by the Zombies

but at the closing he reappeared

but how on earth he fought those Zombies

and the hot girl, Crystal

the high school swimming cham

poor baby

she doesn’t deserve to die so earlyLuker


and the reunion of the Redfields

is not impressive enough

maybe there could be an impressive flashback

dealing with their not-so-simple siblings relationship

sorry. that’s what i am

i hearts drama

there should be more drama


shopaholic in theatre

the opening scene

i spotted a 3 storey Zara in Tokyo

and Luker’s Tag Heuer billboard is kinda cool

i like Alice’s long boots too

just that it’s not really wearable here


the scene of flunging the shades, is cool

but how come Chris got to catch the shades

i guess it should have exploded or something

erm.. was this in Mission Impossible?

just that it only went on to remind me of Matrix

that’s an exceptionally impressive Sci-fi to me, back then

gosh that was 11 years ago

reminded me of Matrixhe caught the shades, y??


RE: Afterlife Trailer

the trailer looked promising enough

but all i can say is

don’t set your expectations too high


ok Noobie

don’t turn emo because i backlashed the movie


can’t help it

but i am still glad that

we watched it

instead of the other bloody Fishie movie

your two friends are nuts

they just wanna see the

juicy butts of the bikini girls got bitten


however the 1 hrs 30 mins was worth while

i saved you from unleashing your shopaholic desires again

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