Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Believe in Philips

1/4 of my salary

well spent on these items

which left me kinda poor

until the end of the month


bought this set of

Philips blender for my mom

because I found mine really user-friendly

although it was a single-function simple one

so this set of 4 functions should do better

Philips 4 in 1 Daily Collection blender HR2112


4 in 1 functions include





Philips 4 in 1 Daily Collection blender HR2112


and the complimentary jar with blade

which means that

you can separate the blade for

onion chopping from the one for juicing

hoping that my mom will like it

Philips 4 in 1 Daily Collection blender HR2112


2nd item of the week

sorry this doesn’t belong to the kitchen

but still

I replaced my earphone

the one with broken jacks

which was from Philips too

Earphone Jack X Stuck in Port: Such a Jackass

Philips earphones


going back to the original

hoping It would last

provided that I give the necessary care

I think they would

Apple EarPods


my Midea induction cooker

finally died after

three and a half year in service

no complain.. and it was even shared

with 3 other housemates

time for a new one

Philips induction cooker


what a good training

all brought home on a bus

loots of the night


brand loyalty?

yeas I think so

the black-blue interface is

just mesmerizing

I guess nobody else would

use such a pretty word on

an induction cooker


let’s just call you Icy

from the abbreviation of I.C.

you’re just so hot and cold

Philips induction cooker



Grocery X Keeps Me Ha:ppy: Finally a Blendy

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Somewhat Indian Curry?

Philips blender


somehow forgot to name

this reliable folk who has been

with me for 3/4 of year

meet Ketty

Philips mini kettle


not forgetting, Paffy

Stephelle Kitchen: Paffy, Airfryer

who is currently residing somewhere else

and I actually do not

have a proper portrait of her

how sad..

Philips Airfryer Simplot French Fries 01

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