Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Earphone Jack X Stuck in Port: Such a Jackass

I sleep with earphone plugged in

since I share room with

two other girls

Philips earphones


so I woke up one morning

to find a crooked earphone jack

unplugged from from iPad

and wait.. where’s my iPad

okay found ya

by the way her name is iSabaira


but anyway

the Philips earphone with

crooked jack was still fine

no harm has been done


well.. it’s Philips

it’s my favourite brand okay

at least for small home appliances


then I didn’t know

what got into me

I actually tried to bend the

crooked jack which was working fine

so that it is straight all over again


then it stopped working fine

the sound went cranky

sometimes it has sound only on

one side of the ear plug

sometimes it is like remix

sometimes the volume is so soft  


I was mad

probably at myself more

than at the earphone

so I kept twisting and twisting

until the bloody thing got broken


oh damn

with the earphone jack

stuck in the port

what the hell!!

Earphone Jack X Stuck in Port


this was the worst that can happen

now that it could no longer

project sound via earphone or

speaker, basically

the sound system is spoilt!!


so I used a pair of eyebrow tweezers

to pick the remains out

but still the heart of the earphone jack

was still stuck in there!!

Earphone Jack X Stuck in Port


and finally

Earphone Jack X Stuck in Port


thank you tweezers

you have saved my day

Earphone Jack X Stuck in Port


I have a violent history with earphone

I guess generally this statement

generally applies to all items

this is the original apple accessory

which comes with my phone, iSaac

and similar case happened

sleeping with earphone plugged in

and iSaac fell onto the floor

since then it was spoilt 

Earphone Jack X Stuck in Port


the pathetic thing about

the incident this time round is

contrasting the apple earphone,

at least it was still functioning well

despite being crooked

it was my stupid hands which

spoilt it all


and the poor fellow is

barely one month old

bought on 6 Aug, 2014

I haven’t even christened him

R.I.P. Mr. Philblue

Philips earphones


I remember sending this to Fat Perry

and he said that’s a pair of cute flats

so I re-snapped this

whatever or whoever who shall leave

will ultimately do so

it’s just a matter of length of time

gone too soon!!

ALDO blue ballet flats

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