Sunday, September 28, 2014

Abandoned Desk X With Mess: D-I-Y a Table Mat

Saturday 8:30 am

heading to work


saw loads unwanted furniture

which is quite a common sight

in this community with

high mobility of international folks

abandoned furniture


hence I decided to steal

no I mean, to adopt this desk

which is of really solid material

because it felt really heavy

no.. I did check

the weight is from the material of the desk

nobody accidentally left

a jar of treasure in the drawers

abandoned furniture, there i stole a desk


majority of wood furniture these days

are very light, simply because

they are assembled from plywood

the only imperfection I found is

or else they would have sold it right

is the surface of the top

stained and quite uneven

no prob

pretty bad huh?  no worries


I was quite lost as to

what I should buy

my original idea is to

wrap fancy papers and

another layer of transparent wrap


that was what we did during high school

compulsory for all

so that students can’t really

vandalize the table by

scribbling the name of

either their loved one / enemy

in between the wrapping paper and

transparent sheet was where

I displayed photos of

David Beckham / Peanuts gang / etc

wait a minute where was I?

who used a 59.90 MYR eco bag from Uniqlo?


I went round and round

quite lost and couldn’t find

what I actually wanted

and ended up buying these

multipurpose anti-slip floor mat

with the hope that it lives up to

its name of being multi-purpose

multipurpose anti-slip floor mat


oh yeah

it actually didn’t disappoint me

as I cut and patched them together

multipurpose anti-slip floor mat as table mat


I have been ignorantly occupying

the desk of my room mate which

she didn’t really use except

when she needs to get

some huge drawing done

and I have been trying to

scout for table since

she may be moving out next month


the drawers have been removed

and hence becoming

a space of open shelf

cutting cost is such a scary idea that

these days if you happened to notice

if you get the drawers remove

all you get is empty space and

can’t even be used as open shelf

just like this one


there you go

almost like a new desk

multipurpose anti-slip floor mat as table mat

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