Thursday, September 4, 2014

Navy Suede X White Classic: Fred Perry Kicks

25 July (Fri), sunny

Hong Kong island


recently pretty much

into this under

the bad influence Fat Perry who

ships his from ASOS huh

FRED PERRY Harbour City, Hong Kong


on SALE!

I actually went in with

the intention to check out

men’s sneakers and shirts

on behalf of Fat Perry




then I saw the pretty fine

collection of women’s kicks

FRED PERRY Harbour City, Hong Kong


among them

a pair of classic all-white

which is somehow my Achilles’ heel


Vans Old Skool, yeah!

FRED PERRY Harbour City, Hong Kong


they were trying to coy me

into buying a 3rd piece

oops.. secret is out of bag too soon

so I did pick out two items

by offering extra 10% off with

purchase of 3 pieces


however, paying 400+ HKD

for a polka dotty cotton shirt is

too much for a junior executive

that’s the only rationale I could

convince myself to give up

although, in fact,

it looked kinda cute

Fred Perry polka dot cotton tee


you see

I wasn’t supposed to

end up in the mall shopping

thanks to the Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition

Snoopy X Harbour City: Sculptures with Smileys :)

Snoopy X Yoshiteru Otani: Calligraphy

Peanuts X Celebartists: SnoopHouse Refurbished

Colour-Exotic X Beagle Turns Asianique: Snoopy Japanesque

Happiness is X Play-Pretend: Snoopy Playland


I indeed explored the

3 inter-linked mall of Harbour city 海港城

inside outside, from

Ocean Terminal 海運中心 to

Ocean Centre 海洋中心 and lastly

Gateway Arcade 港威商場

so this tactic really works

Snoopy Art and Life Exhibition X Harbour City, Hong Kong - Snoopy Trail


tapping on the free public wifi


while taking a break

at Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour


loots of the day

Fred Perry Roots Unlined Suede Boots - NavyFred Perry Phoenix canvas all white with blue logo

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