Sunday, September 28, 2014

Found a Cat X Didn’t Keep as Pet: Feeling Real Bad

found a kitten downstairs

and decided to bring it home

found a cutie cat


this fellow was not as spoilt

as the previous Olaf

who gave me a good bite

and I ended up at clinic with

swollen finger

Naughty Cutie X Called Snowy: Can I be Your Baby?

Olaf! X Don’t Run!: High-Risk-Fun


he was pretty tame

like sitting around at corners

walking around my legs

once in awhile

while I was busy doing something else

found a cutie cat


I am not too sure those are

scars / wound / or just dirt

found a cutie cat


I bet he has been starving for

quite some times already

found a cutie catfound a cutie cat


the more well-behaved he is

the bigger my dilemma is

found a cutie cat


I can’t keep a pet because:

  • I would not be around from 7:30-7:30
  • or sometimes even longer
  • my housemates seem to be quite anti
  • they were shouting and jumping
  • the previous time Olaf was here


after the shower

it is quite a sad sight

he is almost bony

found a cutie cat


I think I failed the mission of

bathing a pet because

there was still mud all over the paws

found a cutie cat


I sent it outside

like making believe that

let’s say I keep it as a part-time pet

leave it outside when I am out

and pick it up when

I am back home after work


will it actually work?

I left it outside for five minutes

and went out

it was still at the same spot


I felt really bad

like playing with this small experiment

so I decided not to keep it

and sent it back to

the common area downstairs


hoping that someone who is

more suitable will pick it up soon


6:20 pm

I went down for a jog

walked around and didn’t find him

I seriously hope that

he has found a new home

or I would feel really bad


10:25 pm

while I am looking through

these photos of him

my eyes are actually teary

no kidding, man


I still remembered his look

sitting so still at where I left him

during the short experiment

and he was actually shivering

yet I was cruel enough to

send it away downstairs

right at the moment


the sense of guilt is overwhelming

the act of abandoning the little fellow

and by giving him false hope that

he has actually landed in safe hands


it is just like

someone who walked into

your life and promised to

take good care of you and

you actually choose to believe

yet to wake up soon to find that

the person has walked away


the feeling of falling back to hell

from a false heaven is

somehow worse than

being in hell all the while


did I say too much

sorry probably I am quite drunk

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