Sunday, September 21, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Love-hate R/ship with Celery?

Weekend is always

meant to be wasted 

spent the 1 hour

cutting the pumpkin and

boiled it into puree form

shredded pumpkin


the smell of celery

attracted the sisters upstairs

because they thought I was

cooking some herbal soup


that happened from time to time

whenever I was cooking celery

since back then in college


I know loads people have

this celery-phobia

including myself

but you have to admit that

it smells good if you are

under the false impression that

this is some kind of herbal soup


so I guess the problem is

when we are made to

chewing celery in stalk


what I always do is

to shred it into thin pieces

the aroma is infused

the texture is softened

no more chewing like a cow

(archive photo)

shredded celery



when all the veggies were mixed

you can’t even tell if

there is celery in there


since I had extra

I offered them a bowl

or else I bet

it’s kinda hard for them to imagine


what the hell was I cooking

because in the first place

they were attracted by the

“herbal” aroma



I actually told them

while pointing to the pumpkin puree

on top of the fridge

that I am cooking

pumpkin soup with pasta


there you go

creamy is a MUST!

a little more buttery today

since I scooped in

a teaspoon of Lurpark light spread

creamy pumpkin soup


and they actually invited me to

have dinner together next time

I bet they were impressed

with my pumpkin soup


because we actually have never

talked to each other

after 3/4 years

staying under the same roof 



food is actually a good

relationship building tool

that’s for sure



no everyone travels

speaking too much on travels

could spark the impression that

you are just showing off


no everyone enjoys

the kind of music I do

but anyway I blast my music

at moderate volume

at the living room

also at the kitchen while

I am cooking


and apparently

no everyone is into sneakers

I could already tell

from the shoes corners in

the living room that

I am the only weirdo

who doesn’t own Birkenstocks and

yet way too many pairs of sneakers



food is the best way to connect

no matter where you are

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