Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sneakers for Kids X Shirt for Auntie: Stopping buy ZARA-IFC

July 26, raining

Central, HK Island


just came from a hike

alighted from the ferry at Central Pier

due to the rain

I have to stay indoor, right?

so I ended up in IFC mall


I remember the previous time

of how crazily I was looting

2 pairs of rompers,

a skirt, a tank top

no more this time round, Steph!



decided to

grab something for the kids

since they were on really good bargain

girl’s bikini set.. so lovely

hesitating long because

I am not sure if my niece

gonna wear it for real

69 HKD per set, baby

petite lady, can definitely

go for the size 13-14

ZARA IFC Mall, HK girl bikinis


and loads of kicks for clearance

129 HKD per pair?

oh my!!

ZARA IFC Mall, HK girl sneakers



on top of kids department

I accidentally wandered to

the other side

I mean that’s the only path to

proceed to the payment counter

been looking for a good

nautical-Wally-inspired shirt

what do you think?

ZARA IFC Mall, HK blue-white-shirt


loots of the day

for the kids

ZARA Girls floral print boardshortsZARA Girls polka dot sneakersZara toddler boys sneakersZARA Kids sneakers


for myself

as a reward for….

since when I need a reason to

buy clothes which I fall for

well.. that’s the sign of

shopaholic turning over a new leaf


ZARA blue-white-stripe shirt

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