Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Concert Tickets X As Usual Give Me Headache: Jonathan Lee’s, Go Ahead!


when we were in Cheer Chen’s 陳綺貞

concert earlier on at Singapore

the ad was one of the concert preview

running on the LCD screen

before the show


oh man that was in Feb

time really flies, isn’t it

I haven’t even found the

right time to blog about the concert


Mag wanted to go

but that’s for Singapore

we agreed on the strategy

no.. she taught me

because she watches more concerts

than I do

whenever there are choices

between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

go for the former


well.. simply because the crowd

and the atmosphere is more uplifting

in Mandarin we borrow the term

they are basically more “high”


the Singapore show took place in June

nothing has been heard about KL

李宗盛 既然青春留不住 新加坡


and we are both kinda busy somehow

no specific concert-outing

had been planned thus far

until last week whereby

I saw the press release in paper


“oh woohoo

Mag, let’s go”

“alright.. deal”

that’s how easy we get thing running

between me and Mag

nothing complicated at all


we are not exactly big time fan

but still if you have been an

avid fan of Mandopop 

there's no way you wouldn’t have

fallen in love with at least

one of the songs

sung / composed / written by him


as written on the copy:

“everyone has a song of his

in his/her heart”


*I’m not bragging*

concert is like the bridge

which usually brings us together

for meet-up since

we it’s kinda difficult to plan for

traveling together for the time being

so why not?


we kinda agree to go for the

most affordable one since

both are pretty financially tight and

erm.. this is not

Eddie Peng’s meet and greet

we are therefore fine with

being seated on the “hill”


“fans on top of the hill”

as what Hongkies label those

on the furthest seats at

a concert in HK Coliseum (Hung Hum)


the ticket went on sale

yesterday at 9:00 a.m.

I logged in at 8:45 waiting

to find that it was postponed to 11


and I went on to get busy

until 10:50 am

was suddenly called for

a meeting at 11

you can imagine

that’s the only thing

I thought of during the meeting


no.. 80% most probably

20% was still still running

on the business plan discussed


managed to log in

after 11:45 to find that

craps… for real 

the PS3 ticket has been sold off


well.. as you can see

they have very little

PS3 ticket for sale

just the two small boxes in purple

inflation in disguise huh?

Jonathan Lee Seating Plan (Horizontal)


so I called Mag up

we upgrade to PS2, is that alright

okay, let’s go

and I manage to lock down

two tickets at the strategic zone L6, 

which is the small little box

next to VIP (R)


imagine you are paying

the same price for zone L6 and L16

well.. that’s why early bird

always gains the upper hand


would like to mention that

ticket is generated on

random basic

you get to choose the zone 

but not the specific seats

therefore seat plan reading is

something to be mastered in

buying concert ticket


speaking of that

I almost forget to mention

there’s a 15% discount for

the first 1000th tickets too


ticket scouted

what’s next?

payment time


I tried to swipe twice

with my main debit card

without success

I was kinda worried


what if they have credited the amount

yet the system somehow screwed up

and tickets were not issued

since I have tried twice

I will end up with 4 tickets


forgive me of being so suspicious

I have had such experience with MAS


so I logged into

my bank account and check

holy craps..

the transaction failed

simply because I don’t

have enough balance in my account

that’s how poor I am


time was running out

since the specific tickets

were put on hold

for a period of 15 minutes only


so I asked my brother to try his

without success too

it was saying that

his cell phone number

was not verified with Visa


oh shoot!!!

so I turned to my Batman Visa

which doesn’t have enough balance

in there as well


and ended up

doing a transfer from

my “childhood emergency account”

which is without ATM and Visa

but too bad online banking is

automatically available


thank goodness

the transfer was instant

since both my “emergency” and Batman

are under the same bank


if you are asking

how many bank accounts am I keeping?

currently active one are 3

and some other inactive accounts


(I have actually started to

list down the accounts

which is quite irrelevant to this post

let’s save it in Word format and

blog about it some other time)


in short,

from one account of insufficient balance

to my brother’s account which

is not Visa-verified

to my 3rd account which is

without enough balance too

to my 4th emergency account transfer

I finally managed to buy the ticket


that’s the fun part of concert going

just my luck

I will always bump into

some funny adventures, somehow

whenever we are going for concerts


from chasing the last train

or even cable car to

bumping into pervert to

overnight stay at breakfast n’ bed

or the lobby of hotel to

smuggling umbrella which is banned to

watching outdoor concert in rain


that’s all the fun part of it

isn’t it

and we will soon start planning

what to eat for lunch

where to stay after the concert and

hang out whole night

having pillow talk


pillow talk is not

the right thing for us

because I would end up

sleeping once I hit the pillow

and that’s too girlish


that was the night

after Eason’s Life concert

whereby me and Mag sat there

at the lodge of our hostel

talking until 4 in the morning

and I was wide awake again by 6am

sofa talk


so this is for real

the PS3 a.k.a. the cheapest one

is sold off in half an hour

well done!!

I sincerely hope that

those who fail to grab one

like me will choose to upgrade

instead of giving up the concert



cheers 1129

marked down

and I hope by then

Eddie Peng’s Rise of Legend

would have hit the theatre already

and we shall go for our very first

Eddie Peng’s movie together

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