Friday, September 19, 2014

Take a Bet X Unsure if It Fits: into GAP Kids

28 July 2014

GAP Kids @ Hysan Place

Causeway Bay


the day after GAPping at ground floor

it was time to go all out to explore more

It’s New X It’s True: 1/4 off GAP-Blue

GAP Kids, Hysan Place, Causeway BayGAP Kids, Hysan Place, Causeway BayGAP Kids, Hysan Place, Causeway Bay


backpacks are pretty cool

that’s for sure

GAP kids navy backpackGAP kids hiker backpack


loots of the day

there was a birthday boy tee

which I forgot to snap

this rarely happened

but anyway, he was turning 2

in a couple of days to come

tourist shopping :p


denim shorts and a tourist tees

for my 8 y.o. niece and I actually bought

size 12 because I think she has

outgrown the 8 y.o.

and there’s the pair of kicks from Zara Kids

GAP kids tourist tee x GAP denim shorts x ZARA kids sneakers


GAP kids for myself, XXL

they fit well.. if they didn’t

I can always pass them to my niece

bleah.. what an evil plan B

GAP kids chambray spaghetti top and shorts

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