Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jaw-Drop X Turn-Off: No Shopping until 2020 *Cough-cough*

adidas one-day promotion:

40% storewide discount

in-store & online


was shown the print ad yesterday

but it slipped my mind and

they actually didn’t send me

email newsletter a day before

like what they previously did


this came into my mailbox 11am

which I only managed to read

in late evening

adidas 40 percent discount


11:15 am in the morning

here we were

unintentionally dropped by

follow the flow, i have no idea what's awaiting really


who said Malaysian are

bad at queuing

not if they are offered some

good deal such as this

Malaysians queue


20 minutes later..

finally got to enter

I kinda regret queuing because

I saw shoppers with

the blue adidas Originals paper bags

so this store doesn’t actually house

adidas Originals which has

a separate outlet somewhere nearby

adidas store-wide 40% discount


since the first 300 customers are entitled

to claim the discount

they are pretty strict, huh

and purchase is limited to

1000 MYR only per customer

adidas store-wide 40% discount


the queue kinda turned me off

some shoppers were looting

like a long list of items

the cashier missed the step of

key-in –ing the discount for

certain items which they have to

do it manually one by one

actually I was kinda right

nothing in particular attracted me

adidas store-wide 40% discount


they have the

adidas Kids X Captain America series

which look kinda cool and

the cheeky portrait of C.A. is

simply so adorable, right

adidas Originals kids X Captain America


I wanted to get this

always wanted a basketball jersey

kinda boyish, kinda sporty

but size S was no longer available

and I knew my mom is going to say something

all I did was to finger the jersey and

her disapproval was instant:

this is not suitable for you since

the sides are too “open”

arrgh.. there’s something called

sport bra I guess.. nevermind

adidas Men's Brooklyn Nets Deron Williams #8 Road Black Replica Jersey


so I went to the other outlet instead

the adidas Originals

no queue at all, thankfully

adidas store-wide 40% discount


but it hurt me real bad to

see my babies going on a

40% off now

ZX 700 & Stan Smith

which I looted at

10% and 15% off respectively

thinking that I have got pretty good deal


adida Originals ZX


I mean

it’s alright

I bet they are out of size

and I hate the sights of people

looting pairs and pairs of shoes

while I got nothing much to buy

because I have already got

the best sneakers at home

adidas store-wide 40% discount


kinda like this slogan tee

adidas Originals slogan tee: Long Live Originality adidas Originals slogan tee: Long Live Originality


oh yeah..

some little consolations to

calm myself out of the depression

Long Live adidas Originals Long Live adidas Originals


a pretty cool Fred Perry ad

Fred Perry X Vespa ad


long live Peanuts and Snoopy

spotted at Cotton On and Uniqlo

Peanuts X Cotton OnPeanuts X Cotton OnPeanuts X Cotton OnPeanuts X Cotton OnPeanuts X Cotton On


jeggings are going at pretty good deal

at Forever 21

yet I have to admit that

it is still somehow not my kind of store

Forever 21 jeggings


spotted this at Uniqlo

pretty clean-design

I bet it will look good for

a back-to-high-school look

Uniqlo white-black collar blouse


oh man

forget it

I look more like

*no offend* a cleaner-lady

and no photo please..


time to get sober

headed to my favourite book store to

grab something for my niece

her birthday is around the corner



yes I managed to cultivate

the new habit of bring a novel

in bag while traveling

John Grisham-ing


Fahrenheit 88 is officially

my favourite mall in Bukit Bintang area

since there’s BookXcess and

two doors away.. 



there is Mirrorcle

which sells “sensible” clothes at

really affordable price



I was actually waiting for my mom

wow.. it has been a long time

my mom and I can actually shop

at the same store


I spotted these two mini dresses

both are priced at 22.90 MYR

in other words, two mini dresses for

less than 50 MYR which is like

hey.. not too bad right and

fitting session is allowed

Flora print mini dress


but I am someone with self-awareness

these are those dresses which

look good on girls with certain specs

oops I mean certain criterion

such as fair skin, petite, girlish

I know my own stuff, kay

Aztec print mini dress


I ended up in the fitting room

the light is too dim, my apology


with some working dresses

yet another LBD


I haven’t seen this dress

until my mom was

proceeding to pay for hers

and I was like hey this is not too bad

and even before I flipped the dress

she already commented about

the back being a little problematic

so she spotted the dress before I did


“no worries mom

as long as I am not

within your eyesight

my clothes are no longer

within your jurisdiction too”

but what came out from my mouth

was the other way round whereby

I ensure her that I would be

wearing a base top

yet another LBD


a random piece of long

double-layered dress

where the skirt in somehow shorter

than the outer satin layer

what is this called actually

which I picked up at the

“discarded shelf” which

customers gave up

double-layered satin dress


can’t help but snapped another photo

because I enjoy the contrast of

white sneakers and long black skirt

by the way my mom was

throwing a praise of

my sneakers looking real white today

did I wash it?

no I didn’t

erm.. these are a new pair, mom

double-layered satin dress


so on top of BookXcess and Mirrorcle

right in front there you go

my favourite Kaki Don

New Balance kind of shopping

with food, books and clothes

wait.. let me re-arrange it

in the proper sequence of


according to priority

ya right…

Kaki Don = fried oyster riceblack spider sushi roll


loots of the day

the other day when

I was buying my baby ZX

the saleperson was trying to

persuade me to get their socks too

I don’t know if my socks look kinda bad

or he was just trying to push sale

but now I got it at 40% off

are you happy now?

somehow took so many photos of the combined loots


you may say that

this is yet another little black dress

no.. the white strip is

something different

and the button and the sexy back

every LBD is unique on its own, kay

Little black dress with white stripLittle black dress with white strip and open back


I know this photo is

kinda unprofessional

I guess I need a bigger cardboard

wait this is not even a board

it’s a carton I picked up at home

double-layered satin dress



no shopping until 2020?

postponement is officially declared


but as I was thinking

somehow I didn’t declare

a date of since when

it should take effect from

no wonder it never works


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