Thursday, September 25, 2014

Super Mario X Monster Mike: Would Buy’em All if I Might

27 July

Toys R’ US @

Hysan Place,

Causeway Bay

Toys R’ US @ Hysan Place, Caueway Bay, HK


it was kinda

tucked away at level 7

so at level 4 seated the giraffe

what’s his name again

where there’s escalator

straight to level 7

Geoffrey, his name is

Geoffrey, Toys R' Us giraffe


it’s a Super Mario feast

Super Mario 20 Inches FigurinesK'nex Mario Cart Building Set Pull and Speed Nintendo Mario Kart Wii Toy Pullback Car,Tomica Yoshi Bee KartCarrera Mario Kart with controllerIMG_4389


looks good

this is actually quite lovely

because the individual small wraps

are also printed with Snoopy’s emoticions

Snoopy Marshmallow


loots of the day

Monster University Mike Flashlight keychain

K'NEX Super Mario Kart


two of these

one for myself, another for Fat

I think this is kinda unfair

but who cares because

the other Fat Perry was

getting a SPCA charity tee shirt

Monster University Mike Flashlight keychain


I doubt I am even going to open this

lovely pack of marshmallow

lovely pack of marshmallow Snoopy & Woodstock

the other two for the Fat Girl

lovely pack of marshmallow Snoopy & Woodstock


Hello all

anybody there?

K'NEX Super Mario Kart Mario Figurine


no!!! my kart!

K'NEX Super Mario Kart


I actually handcarried the eco bag

all the way onto flight

along with other loots

and it finally gave way

during the last stretch of journey

when I was about to

pass my nephew and niece

their gifts at their place

Toys R' US transport eco bag

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