Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sat Morning X Restles Feeling: Jog Walking

finally went for a jog

because I was awake since five

and yet didn’t want to go to work

as early as 8 as usual because


nobody enters before 9, anyway

I was so bored when

I used to turn up early that

I fell asleep in the office


7 in the morning

yes frankly speaking

I have concern for safety issue too

I texted Captain Fat that

I am going for a jog and

if I don’ text him by 8

please send S&R team

morning jon walkingIMG_6409


the park which is 2km away

too many development projects

giving it a quite unkempt appearance

morning jon walkingmorning jon walking


but yeah

the lake looks fine to me

too late for the blooming lotus huh

it’s just my luck I guess

I could name at least 3 lakes

whereby I only managed to

catch withered lotus

morning jon walkingmorning jon walking


yeah you are right

I just wanna show off my

adidas Originals ZX700

which are kinda awesome

morning jon walking


imagine how empty the road is

I can snap photo while

crossing the road

morning jon walking



what have you done??

morning jon walkingmorning jon walking


the basketball court downstairs

I enjoy sitting up there

at my balcony during the evening

listen to the sound of bouncing ball

while watching the day turns dark

that’s simple enough to

make me happy

morning jon walking


I wanted to go for a second round

in the evening yet

I overslept and

soon it was dark


I hate missing the sunset

or at least the process of

day turning dark


this is bad, sleepyhead

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