Monday, August 16, 2010


In the theology of the Catholic Church,

Limbo (Latin limbus, edge or boundary,

referring to the "edge" of Hell)

is a speculative idea about the afterlife condition

of those who die in original sin

without being assigned to the Hell of the damned.


got to learn Limbo

from the movie Inception

of course


i think i am in one too

i withdrew

but it’s not complete

i still keep thinking of going back

i begged them

but they wouldn’t let me to


and there is no path

for me to proceed

i am trapped


it has been 4 months already

i have been job-hopping

4 in a row

and the list will grow


my parents keep asking me

to start afresh

new course new place


but to me

it won’t do

i will just enter a course

happily acting a zombie


graduate with mediocre result

and that’s it

and i shall go back to square one

have to come out

and look for a job

i don’t like the job

and continue to hop


so i won’t go back to school

because i don’t even know

what i want to do now

what am i best at, how?


and most important of all

the mentality

i just couldn’t fit in

with the 1990’s kids

for another 3 or 4 years

looking at all the friends

happily graduating next sem


so i would rather just hide myself

but this is not a permanent solution

i can continue to hop and fall

but 5 years down the road

i am no longer young


friends would be embarking

on a stable career

speaking about buying cars, houses

a happy family in construction


but what can i do



most probably

i will still struggle with

meagre incomes

with the support from parents

while others are doing the other way round


welcome to my Limbo

the world of sheer emo


from MM121


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