Saturday, August 14, 2010

iPad Hype Continues

continuation from the post iPad Hype

thought after my KL trip

after endless talk by Ms. Manager

i has successfully watered down

the burning desire for an iPad


firstly it’s not practical

with the price

i can get two netbooks with the price

why don’t you invest in a proper camera

you don’t even earn enough to

stand on your own feet yet

why bothered to spend on such a luxury good

it is just for the purpose of showing off


secondly it’s not safe

this is not HK

this is Malaysia

anything everything can be robbed

would you dare to take it out

and tap in a crowded bus

with all the eyes staring

before you know it

you would be the next prey

there are far too many predators out there


thirdly it’s not really that useful

i am not on the go all the time

most of the time hiding at home

there’s internet

there’s no such need

to have internet all the time


i can stick to the good old paperbacks


i believe my memory is still good enough

for me to remember

and blog back at home

it’s not too comfie to tap-blogging too

then i would need to buy a wireless keyboard

and the dock too

arrgh that would cost another huge chunk


this appeared on the daily news

The Pied Piper of Hamelin


but i can’t help it

iPad craze is re-kindled

when i saw my babies are playing too


Khalil’s birthaday present


Shawn’s Pocket Wifi and iP

Shawn Ipad


and this PopStar mania

omg so sexeee

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