Friday, January 22, 2016

Tripod, Tricky X Modem, Easy: Parcel-Pressies


this parcel actually caught me by surprise

i did not remember i was expecting one

actually i should be

since they sent me email the day before


the Fujifilm camera

i got on Dec 31

via an in-store online registration

was entitled to a free tripod and handgrip

well i don’t actually see the needs of

owning these

since they are free


as i wasn’t expecting a parcel

my super-helpful neighbour

got in touch with the courier person

and signed on behalf of us

until that very moment

the commotion out there

i still couldn’t recall

what was the parcel all about

an unexpected parcel from Fujifilm


she did the same again

this morning when my sis’s parcel

some banking stuff

arrived early in the morning

she was right outside my door

talking to the courier person

while i was still finding the key

to get the gate opened


and she was like

oh i thought you were sleeping


i hate it when people always

greet me with this phrase

early in the morning



a freelancer does work

and a freelancer does lead

a normal life too

i was working on a project, actually

8:30 AM was not that early, anyway



maybe i should stop bitching about her

she was a kind-hearted soul

she even spoke to my mom

about getting me to mingle around

so that i can secure a boyfriend soon

heck it was so loud that

i heard it while i was still in bed


back to my parcel then


the wrapping paper we hated so much

as a kid when mom insisted on

wrapping our textbook with this

nostagalic isn’t it

we call it the mahjong paper

an unexpected parcel from Fujifilm


so what’s in there

this is basically not of much use

as i have attached a case to my camera

there’s no way i could put this on

Fujifilm X-M1 hand grip


a tripod

with adjustable heights

like there are 4 options available

too bad it’s in red

instead of blue-white

Fotopro S3 tripod


it took me quite sometimes to figure it out

without any success

alright, that’s a screw driver

oh my… i realized it after 15 minutes

i saw a screw driver in the user manual

and i was like who the heck carries that around

oh my.. so it is attached to the tripod

you saw that hole right in front?

i unscrewed something from there and

being unable to put it back in place


Fotopro S3 tripod


alright on the day

when i got the tripod

i was really fed up with my internet service

has been disconnected out of the blue

for the past one week


to send work when a deadline is close or

to work on projects via online platform

this could be really frustrating


i spent one hour to attach a 7MB file

like yeah that’s how

i have been training on my patience

and finally resorted to mobile data + hotspot

to get the file delivered


that very day

i registered for two different providers

one in the morning after i sent the file

after speaking to one of my clients

about the provider he is subscribing to


and then another one in the evening

around 4-5 PM

when it was raining heavily

well usually the internet stopped working

during heavy rain


well does it even make any differences

rain or shine

day time or night

midnight or early morning

anytime of the day

it could be disconnected


on the personal side

my family time is interrupted too

as we usually spend the night

watching some mainland TV programme

nope less of variety shows

those crime & legal genre from CCTV 12

or some historial documentaries or

my dad’s favourite MMA show, WLF


and since the internet connection

was really really bad

i hate it when my dad was trying to

watch something and

it got disconnected so many times that

alright let’s call it a day

we will have better luck tomorrow

i really hate that kind of disappointment


so the next morning

like less than 24 hours

the provider i registered with

later in the evening during the previous day

called me up to confirm if

i am signing up with them


oh goodness

great service

i am definitely with them


the only concern was

since it is a 4G internet provider

what if my area is not well covered


it happened to me once

back in 2011, i think

when i was living in the pristine forest

with a bunch of college housemates

happily signed up and got the modem

yet it wasn’t working

in spite of our silly efforts of

holding it up at a certain height or

placing it close to the balcony


so we had to give up and

resorted back to landline


so as the person was checking

yeah my area is well covered

in fact the communication towers

are located right outside my house



the one my neighbours have been

complaining about

radiation blah blah blah

and my mom hopped on

and blamed the thingy for

the nose allergic symptom

my dad is suffering from


ok mom shut up

you have no right to

complain about it since

you are using it right now


after around 24 hours

upon the phone confirmation

the modem got here via courier

no upfront payment

no hassle no nothing

P1 4G modem


and all i have to do is to

plug it to a power supply

and the Wi-Fi is up and running

P1 4G modem



i should have done this

so much earlier then


finallty 3 phones can watch

YouTube simultaneously

smooth browsing and

more importantly

it doesn’t get disconnected

at the time you need it the most


thank you P1!

like i don’t even have to

step out of the house to

get my new internet setup


yeah except going to

terminate my old service provider

bye and no hi

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