Sunday, January 17, 2016

Of Japanese Lunch X Dessert & Grocery: Unicorns at Mid Valley

Carly & the Unicorns

such meet-up

have not taken place

since more than a year ago

i.e. the previous one was like

during end of 2014


these days

marketing survey is done

the other way round


you know

instead of checking out

what’s new in the market

it’s to confirm what

you have came across online

newsletter / newsfeed / etc etc


despite traveling the furthest

2-hour journey by bus

i was the first arriving

and got to do a round of solo

before i met up with the gang for lunch

not really that hungry anyway


but we ended up at our favourite Zanmai

and had a Potato Mayo salad

to reserve some space for dessert as well

potato mayo salad @ Zanmai


along the way

Cotton On: Mr Men Little Miss collection

Cotton On: Mr Men Little Miss collection


Havaianas: Peanuts collection

i know they have this since

quite some time ago

yet i wouldn’t buy since

it doesn’t feel good to step on your

favourite characters and on top of

paying that much extra

now they had second batch i think

instead of those three in the pic below

Havaianas Peanuts Collection



these are real real cute as well

Havaianas X Flinstone collection



my favourite store in Mid Valley

as i do not have one back home

nothing really attracted me

except the accesories shelves

Bershka All you need is less pouch

too bad these are meant for 5/5s

Bershka iPhone case BFF


Levi’s: Shawn Yue X Lunar New Year

Shawn Yue X Levi's: Lunar New Year 2016



MOLESKINE X Le Petit Prince

Moleskine X Peanuts & Le Petit Prince


Forever 21 X Peanuts



spent quite a bit of time at Mango

as i am working from home now

there’s no valid reason for me to

check out their decent wears

got interested in these two pieces instead

call me a rebel

whenever i buy something

it is always the classic or

something which doesn’t look as if

it is produced by this particular brand

hehe these two are so Cotton On

who would have thought they are Mango

Mango white shirtIMG_0629


me and Eva

are always up to the same colour scheme

well.. Carly and the Unicorns

Carly always has to be different from us

we were supposed to discuss about our

upcoming island vacation in a month

yet nothing concrete has been achieved so far

you can’t really combine shopping with

anything else seriously

not to mention we have not met for

such a long time

us from Mango


afternoon tea session

Nana’s Green Tea Cafe

at the so-called hipster’s mazzeniene level

i am not a parfairt person, per say

got myself a green tea chocolate latte instead



loots of the day

still… green tea all the way

when you are kinda old

that is the kind of loots you buy


and not forgetting this one

as it is a hamburger shirt

it will go under the food/grocery budget

instead of shopping, right?

HAMBURGER shirt from Mango


there was a close shave

on my way back

thanks to the not so reliable KTM train

so i ended up at

TBS bus terminal at 5:20 PM

in fact, my bus was scheduled at 5:15 PM

with ticket bought in the morning


decided to give it a run

made it there

the bus was not there yet

so i didn’t miss the bus after all

yet it was delayed for so so long

and ended up departing at 6:15 PM

1 hour delay, for real


managed to catch a proper

family dinner back home, still

my favourite way to end the weekend

well.. can’t help but ordering green tea

you just can’t get enough

my 10-year-old niece, Jazmine

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