Friday, January 1, 2016

[Fix]: Brand New iPhone 6s Stuck at apple Logo


shit could happen to my iPhone

even within a few hours

after turning on my iPhone

iPad: Apple Logo


suspected cause being

the system got frozen

while trying to setup my phone

from backup of an old iPhone


and simultaneously

running some translation platforms

which gave me a hell of a time

with software issues


the system froze for a moment

so from that moment

the restore process froze

and the loading / progress bar

simply didn’t move at a certain point


then it got restart to square one

and upon reaching that particular point

it just didn’t move again


as i was in a hurry to go out

i used hard reset method of

pressing down

Home button + Power button


and it worked

managed to turn on my phone

the content was half-synced

as expected


it ran fine

for the 3-4 hours

i was outside


then i had to turn off and restart

my phone as the new nano sim card

was not working yet

after being loaded for hours


and so it did not wake up again

stuck at the update and

here we go again process

over and over again


it took about

1 hour later to get it revived

yet despite the phone was

being turn on


it went back to the

update screen

the apple logo with progress / loading bar

and refused to make any progress

and popping back into the iOS


over and over again

so i decided to reset the phone



made the terribly mistake of

opting for

Reset All Settings

instead of

Reset All Content and Settings


so for the next few hours

in fact counting the new year

trying all possible ways to

revive my phone from


the limbo of

never-ending stuck at

apple logo with progress / loading bar


there it went off again

there it restarted again

never made any progress

then it went off again


google is your best teacher

tried to restore the phone from iTunes

never worked, unknown error


tried to factory reset from

third party softwares

chickend out as

you will never know


and most of them are non-freeware

even if it is, i wouldn’t dare to

press the reset button

nothing comes free, you see


tried to restore from recovery mode

as suggested by apple

never worked for both

update or restore



perhaps it could work

if i have waited a little longer

or make more attempts



recovery mode vs DFU mode

that’s something new


i seriously

never expect to deal with

such issue during day 01


decided to call it a day

by January 01, 2016

1:30 AM


went to sleep

leaving the phone in its

limbo mode


then when i woke up

3 hours later

it worked fine


and my previously

not-in-service sim card

was already running too


so i did a


to make sure that

it is really alright


haha serve you right

then it went back to the limbo

all the way for at least 30 minutes

and this time round

i went for

Reset All Content and Settings

instead of

Reset All Settings


and finally got my phone

back to square one

the hello screen with

slide-to-setup bar


thank goodness

therefore in other words

in case you come across this

stuck at apple logo with progress bar


do nothing and

it will ultimately load

then perform a thorough reset

and that would do the trick

Erase iPhone


easier said than being done

you could have imagined

what a new year night i had


took this photo out of desperation

for my post for new year’s gifts

it had been like this the whole night

new year's gifts

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