Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tribal X Floral X Tropical: Beach-Ready Shopping :)

as i almost managed to

fulfill a one-year no shopping pledge

back in 2015


i was so excited that

i forgot to renew my pledge


so 2016 is an open-ended year


and i have broken the ban

a couple of times

wait this is barely mid of January


(1) Qi Pao with tropic print

for Lunar New Year

ignore the title

definitely not bringing this to the beach

in spite of its print

Qi Pao with tropic print


so excited about it

like no i am not excited about

Lunar New Year

but the Qi Pao

as i have always been wanting

to own one since forever


(2) Swimwear with tribal print

i walked into Terranova

last December looking for some

yet ended up with piles of warm clothes

well done, Steph!

Pledge Breaking X Section Hopping: Year-end Shopping


so i ended up in Cotton On

and found these

random pieces of top and bottom

as they are marked down items

we were busy digging

trying to match them up


well grandmother’s swimwear?

sort of…

there’s no harm trying something new right

Tribal print swimming top from Cotton OnTribal print swimming bottom from Cotton On


you know how annoying frill is

plain black swimming top from Cotton On


no worries

all it takes is a little trimming

and this will make a perfect tube top too

without the messy frill


plain black swimming top from Cotton On


(iii) chambray tank top

it will never go wrong

i didn’t even try it

i guess it goes well with

the top right above too

chambray tank top from Cotton On


(iv) grey cropped top

during a seperate trip

my mom was eavesdropping

two girls were talking excitedly

about how cheap this is, 6 bucks

my mom said they could be converting

the price into SGD, perhaps?

no, for real

this is MYR 6!!!

grey cropped top from Cotton On


non-Cotton On

(v) chambray floral dress

G&H chambray floral dress


i was previously eyeing their

chambray varsity jacket

yet ended up buying this

as the dress is definitely

more wearable anytime anywhere

but i am still quite in love with this, though


G&H Denim Varsity Jacket


so that’s all from me

a mid-month shopping report

so into Cotton On

that I even bought a phone case

yeah it’s denim

three-fold the price of the TPU case


yet i wasn’t using it

as the TPU one

makes me feel more secured

given the gap on top & bottom

rawwwrrr.. impractical

insecurity :?

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