Friday, January 22, 2016

Roshe Run X Iguana Tribal Print: Perfect Harmony

Photo credits: Kicks on Fire

Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana via KicksOnFire USD 85 01Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana via KicksOnFire USD 85 02Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana via KicksOnFire USD 85 05Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana via KicksOnFire USD 85 03Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana via KicksOnFire USD 85 04Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana via KicksOnFire USD 85 06Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana via KicksOnFire USD 85 07


i first met this cute baby

during Dec 31

when i was buying my dad

a pair of Puma Arsenal sandals and

Nike’s Destroy Excuse shirt


and i was really in love

seriously intoxicated

although it was on the verge of

putting my no-sneakers pledge

to waste as it was the final day of 2015


yet it didn’t happen, fortunately

as they were out of stock

the smallest available was 42


so i gave up

despite being really in love

well heart broken isn’t it

the reality always does

well.. sorry


and yesterday

i mean Dec 20

i got madly in love with

K-Swiss thanks to this boy


2016.01 Milk Taiwan X 李榮浩 X K-Swiss 06


and i posted it on my WeChat

and a friend i have not met in ages

commented and i was randomly asking

if he has this credit card which is

entitled to 20% off at this particular store

which i remember vaguely

does sell K-Swiss sneakers


back then i was really confident

that store is selling K-Swiss

until we got there


oh damn

it was Keds instad of K-Swiss

lolz i have messed up the two

because i had Taylor Swift in mind

when i came across K-Swiss


so we walked out

and landed next door


i am pretty sure

this is the one with K-Swiss



should be this one


alright they have K-Swiss

yet the models were not very impressive

like there was not anything which

struck me at the first sight


i am a believer in

love at first sight

pretty much insistent, in fact


and today

that being Jan 21

21 days later

i actually came across the same shoes

this time round

with the right sizes available

Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana 


the other colour being grey

what a waste it is not available in my size

Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana


yet age has taught you to

think twice before every purchase

so i actually walked out

emptied handed

despite being informed that

that was actually the last pair


that friend of mine

was actually saying that

despite not looking really good

on the shelf

it actually looked good on me


like i could make a pair of

distasteful sneakers into

soemthing different

not sure if this is a

compliment or criticism

i preter the former, of course


but yeah i kinda agree

he doesn’t look good with sneakers

Nike Roshe Run Print Iguana


not every man does

i suddenly realize

therefore finding a bf on sneakers

is not that easy after all


age has taught you

you wouldn’t get to own

everything you like or even love


even if you are

given the second encouterment


age has taught you

giving up something

wouldn’t kill you after all

the disappointment or even pain

will fade away with time

being replaced by other pain

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