Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dog Walker X Attempted Slacker: Last December

getting a little lazy

towards the end of the month

could be the holiday seasons

could be the crave for a



so i actually took

a few 100% days off to

indulge myself in


and finally got on track

today by January the 3rd

as i almost missed a deadline

in fact has mistook it as tomorrow


suddenly awaken from the slack mode

and has been staying alert and

working for the past 12 hours

excluding a few breaks in between



that was one good December

in terms of sales

it was not too bad

taking it slow and steady


not too many deadlines at once

yet not much gap days with

idle production


and have found time

over the few weekends to

make the final meet-ups of the year

happeneed one at a time


managed to take my dog

out for a walk every evening

if i did not

he would make noise and

make sure I do


make sure that a little

in fact some huge self-rewards

took place so that

i would work harder the next year


a lot more paper work to go

a lot more hard effort to go

a lot more self-development to go

before i could write

the next similar post

during this time of the year on 2017


last but not least

happy new year

and a merry goodd start

for a brand new start ahead

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