Friday, January 15, 2016

The Peanuts Movie X McDonald’s: Just Sn♥opy

2015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 092015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 022015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 08


some really lovely artworks they have

2015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 112015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 072015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 10


and these too

as they are selling the concept of

using the Snoopy as proposing “tool”

2015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 062015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 032015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 042015.01.11 Snoopy Mcdonald 05




and i got mine from 11street

so precious that

i wouldn’t even want to open it


1 comment:

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