Friday, January 1, 2016

So Tempted that X Even White will Do: How I Ended up with Fujifilm X-A2

i guess it is just my luck to

go a couple of rounds

before i settle with

what i have always been

wanting for in the first place


it has been a long way

gosh i finally got my new camera

during the last day of 2015


my good old

not really that good

Lumix Lx5 has been with me

since Feb 2011

at least 10 overseas trips


during Christmas 2013

was too obsessed snapping

the Yellow Duck at Keelung

and water actually got into the camera

quack quack quack


since then

the lense is a little

unreliale under bad weather conditions

such as a misty day, low light and

obviously during the night scene too


i guess he is pretty much

like his owner, at times


Spring, 2014

i ended up with the entire album of

West Lake with such quality

isn’t that a little disappinted

all blurry at West Lakeall blurry at West Lake


night scenes which

go like that

those were the time

i would rather take out my camera

all blurry at Victoria Harbour



i didn’t replace it

and kept using for the past 2 years

since it is still pretty reliable

during good weather conditions

with plenty of sun

Long Hua Temple, ShangHaiWuHou Temple, ChengDuBukchon Hanok Village, Seoul


when i first started my research

can’t remember when

must be since 2014

Fujifilm has always been

on my list


but back then

i was lost in my own

research trying to compare

so many models and ranges

under the X-series

like seriously


but that means good news

because i am definitely not

ready to buy the X100

i have always been hearing of


even for the X100 itself

they have X100T and X100S


so it was abandoned

over and over again


until recently

back then during Oct

when i had two

back-to-back trips


i was seriously considering

replacing my camera

yet once again


lost in my own research

even for camera

comparison and review sites

gosh there are so many


and given such a great difference

in scores for a particular model

i doubt some of them are even

reliable and trustworthy


it is not something new, though

paid/sponsored review

i am not really sure

yet given the gap

i am sure there is


and went on to

personal blogs

some were sponsored posts too


it was mentioned so for some


but i just wanna

take a look at the

image qualities


so during the 2 months

some of the choices on my lists

are Fujifilm X-series

but completely lost on which one


Panasonic Lumix Lx100 or Gx7

Sony alpha 5100 or 6000

Canon G7X or G9x


so while getting my

nano sim card replaced

i actually walked by

the stretch of camera stores


was actually telling my dad

i have had the models in mind

would grab it online


but anyway that will be

in 2016 since

it sounds a little scary to

replace both my

pohone and camera

within barely a week


then i saw the tiny little store

previously not noticing it

because it was sandwiched

between a bigger chain store

at the corner and a Sony store


it looked tiny

because the “width” does portray so

yet in facts it is the largest

among the three


what really attracted me

to walk in was

they got the entire Fujifilm X-series

displayed right in front

wow!! impressive


like i wouldn’t have

if they were displaying the

entire range of Fujifim Instax range

especially the cat-like huge thingy


so i was in

and the guy in white xperia polo tee

he was the store manager, then

actually walked on to talk to us


i wanted to find a chance to escape

by asking him if

they have some catalogue

which i can refer to


and his replied was

these days we don’t go for catalogues

most will go online for details



ok fine

i obviously sounded

very amateurish here

but i guess soon he did find out

i actually had done

my research back home


then i saw a6000 on display

and went on to ask about

the price for a5100


the price he offered

was not much different from

the one i surveyed online

and with the basic packages


and what?

hypermarket cash voucher

with the purchase of any Sony camera


then i went on to

hey look

i am walking further and further in

that’s no way i gonna escape

i guess


but hardwork is the best policy

a typical promoter would not usually

entertain someone like me

in dirty kicks and

my dad in bermuda shorts


but this guy over here

has got a different theory

he divulged later on

middle-aged men a.k.a. uncle

in bermuda shorts are the kind

who spend despite

they don’t look like they would


hello please

i am paying for my own camera

i corrected him


so i told him that

i was previously comparing

X30 and a3100


but he took a X-A2 from

the shelf instead



when you put a5100 and X-A2

side by side

a5100 appeared to be so feeble



i admitted that

one of the reasons

i have been mesmerized by

Fujifilm X-series is

due to the vintage design


and he did some demos

like snapping and comparing the

different sharpness 

snapping the same objects



will definitely go for X-A2 then


and what

last day promotion

you will get a free tripod

if you buy and register online

by Dec 31



i finally noticed this one

seriously didn’t see this

as i walked out a happy person

loaded with a new camera and phone

X-A2 promo


the only if you were to call it a

sacrifice i make is that

they run out of black colour

so i went for white instead

but it looked black still

with the PU half case


the brown and silver combination is

beyond description

i just don’t know how to



so both my phone and camera

are ready for 2016

yet to name them

but definitely something related

as both of them are

officially born on the same day

Dec 31, 2015


i thought i would have

dicth phyiscal store for

online retailers


yet walking into a store

and speaking to someone professional

did help me in making the right choice

i hope it is and

got to learn some

common knowledge and

“insider’s secrets”



our medicated oil

a.k.a. the Axe oil

works for cleaning stain

on white leather


well i don’t mind

getting my camera stained

the more it is

the merrier it is


ha i will use that

for my Stan Smith then


like for my phone

at first i set out to


look for any alternatives

other than an iPhone

yet i finally go back to iPhone


the same goes to the camera

as i went on to research for

any camera similar to Fujifilm X-series

which is more handy and light


and i was telling my manage

the decision for a

camera / phone / both

would be settled if

you give me 5,000 MYR

no more struggle



yet i spent another 200 MYR

on top of that budget

for a multi-coat lense protector

seriously i never know that

the tiny little thing

costs that much


it is like you top up

a 10% for an insurace package


would be glad to

go on a point and shoot session

it has been raining and raining

since last year



reliablity, design, functions

not forgetting the

fanciful features such as

180’ tilt selfie camera


wifi connection just to

pretend to be uploading

images of amazing quality

from your phone

*dodgy face*


as i just factory reset my phone

this is actually my img_0001

from my phone


let them live happily ever after

for the rest of the days

they spend together as my

travel cum daily companions

Fujifilm X-A2


why a factory reset

obviously some shit happened..

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