Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Long-Delayed X Done Swiftly: A Hair Cut, Finally!

the reason why it is being done so fast

tied and cut

A new hair cut


got that idea to retain the hair

from the boy who said that

when you cut your hair

keep the longest strand

and he can get that inlaid

and wear that as a necklace

like keeping me closest to his heart



from which movie / novel

he got that idea from


i was trying to communicate

the idea at the salon

the person didn’t get it

she thought i wanted to

keep a long strand like

how little boy keeps a tail

omg, i really loathe that


then i changed my mind

okay why don’t i keep the entire bunch

may consider donating it to

some cancer-related NGO

seen requesting for hair donation


yet when i got home

my mom was like

that sounds a little creepy to

donate your hair to someone unknown

why don’t you just keep that to yourself


okay here you are

A new hair cut


i actually took some

before vs after photos

and long after my long hair is gone

realizing the memory card

is not even in there… lolz

what the heck


when you send a selfie of you

in a new hair cut

you expect him to say something

positive about it

although it may not be the case


yet i got something like:

your dark circle


okay fine…



i am turning good this week

have been sleeping early

by 1 AM and wake up at 5 AM

isn’t that really healthy?

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