Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lovely Krabi 01: Mayday! Surviving on 100 Baht/Day

okay being poor is

not something new for me

in fact it’s

quite a common thing


like i have been as poor as

having only 20 MYR in my

spending account yet

i was eyeing to buy something


but this time round

it’s getting a bit out of hand

i exchanged for 4000 baht


mainly because i didn’t plan to

do any shopping here

that’s for one

and i was thinking to

book my tour online

with Paypal and all


but then both didn’t go

as planned so


i shopped quite a bit

at Ao Nang Town and

Krabi Night Market


then we booked

a Phi Phi as well as

Tiger Cave tours with

local counters in cash


so can you imagine

after that i was left with

only 1000 baht in my wallet

that was only like the 2nd night

and we still had 2 nights to go


oh my

realizing how critical it was

i went to a supermarket right in

the night market, Vogue


and stocked up some grocery supply

so that i can minimize

my expenses on food


well anyway

it has already been a habit to

shop at local supermarket


i paid a 1000 baht

my food cost me 161 baht


that is when you start counting

every penny, i mean baht that i spend

simply because i am damn poor

Baht, it's sad to part with you



that was 840 baht

but wait buddy


you have to reserve

400 baht for entrance to national park

during the island trip and

150 baht for airport transfer


so what would be

about 300 baht for

3 days 2 nights


i had spent 0 baht yesterday

other that the national park entrance

good job, way to go

breakfast in hotel

lunch by tour operator on Phi Phi

dinner was the snack i bought last night


so now i am left with

300 baht for

2 days 1 night

hoping to keep it intact

all the way until tonight


so that i can buy another

3 100 baht items or

some snacks from convi store

for the kids at home


okay for now

i am mixing my

yogurt with plain water

and you know well why



by the way

this family pack costs me 42 baht

and i hope i have the luxury of

buying a Meiji Bulgarian yogurt



by the way

another reason why

i am being so poor is

my sister suddenly told me

she has transferred 500 MYR

into my account

that was roughly about 4000 baht

all i got in the first place


but that was after

i have left for the trip

or i could have exchanged more

so i had to buy some

fanciful magnets for her



she was trying to ask me

to do some “daigou”

no!!!! baobao is damn poor


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