Saturday, September 9, 2017

Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 04: Peanuts LeSportSac Wallet


Order Date Item From Remark
1 27 Aug

adidas Originals Rita

Shopper bag

ASOS As birthday gift
2 3 Sep Skin care Watsons Got it yesterday
3 5 Sep Tibetan bracelets X 3



Birthday gift X 1

For mom X 1

Myself X 1(bonus)

4 8 Sep

Peanuts LeSportSac

Lily Wallet


I swear it was an


5 8 Sep

Herschel Anchor 15

laptop sleeve


Yet another accident

Along with groceries

6 9 Sep

Skechers Washington

Walla-walla slip on

11street For mom


it was a sheer accident

i was looking for a pouch

because there were a few occasions that

i was ransacking for my phone and purse


so i ended up using the thin case

which is actually a spin-off pouch

from my lingerie bag that

I have been using for emergency pad


Hello Peppa


so i was wondering if

LeSportSac X Mario collection

have something suitable

i know they have a few

seriously cute designs

Nintendo LeSportSac Mario


so i went for a quick research on 11street

i shouldn’t have!!!!

because i found

Peanuts X LeSportsac: Bags! Bags! Bags!


so i found pouches

Peanuts LeSportSac Essential WristletPeanuts LeSportSac Essential Wristlet


haha this is highly similar to

my current makeshift pouch

Peanuts LeSportSac Essential Wristlet


then i even found this

isn’t that cute

there are more at the sides

Peanuts LeSportSac Petite Weekender CrossbodyPeanuts LeSportSac Petite Weekender Crossbody


damn so how now?

i shouldn’t have researched

it was past midnight and

i was suddenly too sleepy


then i found this as well

damn i really want this

nothing too fanciful and colourful

yet it’s a Peanuts

Peanuts LeSportSac Lily Wallet


the only thing that

indicates that this is a Peanuts wallet

is the Snoopy zip

Peanuts LeSportSac Lily WalletPeanuts LeSportSac Lily WalletPeanuts LeSportSac Lily Wallet


made up my mind within minutes

that’s what I really want

11street promo


however encountered some minor issue

while trying to pay

and i was too sleepy anyway

when i woke up next morning

suddenly found a Payday Bonanza Coupon

11street promo


i would say 11street is still awesome

when it comes to promotions

you don’t have to manually key in

promo code and whatsoever

11street promo


since this is going to be shipped from the U.S.

i don’t expect it to reach anytime soon

good thing takes time : p


damn it doesn’t solve my initial problem

i need a pouch, didn’t i

but i ended up buying a wallet


so i should keep the pouch option opened

wait how about the Nintendo collection?


by the way

i can finally bid farewell to to

my grandmother Fossil Emma

like oh my it can fit my phone

so it serves the purpose of a wallet well

but i somehow don’t really like it

Fossil Emma phone pouch


it’s like dating someone who has good “specs”

but you simply don’t like him because

he is not that cute

sad isn’t it


but well no worries

i am going to turn it

into my passport holder instead


so what’ll happen to my

current passport holder


it surprises my friends like

i have so many different types of bag

that when i travel

there are bags within bag as i

slowly pull out so many


other parcels on the way

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Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 05: Herschel Anchor Laptop Sleeve

Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 06: Skechers Washington Walla2


20 September

it got here two days ago

while i was away


but i am perfectly

in love with it

in spite of being a bit


Peanuts LeSportSac Wallet


i am thinking of ways to

get rid of the LeSportsac stripe
Peanuts LeSportSac Wallet


can’t find my Sharpie in black

i have scribbled it

with pencil

which looks slight better

wait till i find a better solution

all of them will be gone!!

Peanuts LeSportSac Wallet


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