Saturday, September 9, 2017

Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 06: Skechers Washington Walla-walla Slip-On


Order Date Item From Remark
1 27 Aug

adidas Originals Rita

Shopper bag

ASOS As birthday gift
2 3 Sep Skin care Watsons Got it yesterday
3 5 Sep Tibetan bracelets X 3



Birthday gift X 1

For mom X 1

Myself X 1(bonus)

4 8 Sep

Peanuts X LeSportSac

Lily Wallet


I swear it was an


5 8 Sep

Herschel Anchor 15

laptop sleeve


Another accident

Along with groceries

6 9 Sep

Skechers Washington

Walla-walla slip on

11street For mom


what a long name

i came across it

during some casual browsing

Skechers Washington Walla-walla Slip-On


so Skechers has actually set up

their official online store

on 11street and

the prices are actually like

50% of those found in retail store


probably like past season items

but who cares


i have bought 2 pairs of Skechers

all my life but

both are for my parents

so technically speaking

i have zero pair


like for me

they are more like

Scholl and Hush Puppies

for my mom


but hey

these are not bad right

so i bookmarked these two pairs

for my mom


and this is what i remember

Skechers looked like

when i was small

i don’t know

probably because

one of my friends had it

or this was the pair

Christina Aguilera was wearing

Skechers D'Lites


SKECHERS Bobs Pure Flex


but she ended up choosing this pair

Skechers Washington Walla-walla Slip-On


haha i found the name from Walmart

thanks to the product code

what a long name

Skechers Washington Walla-walla Slip-On


so i made use of the 11% voucher

which was initially intended to be used for

my LeSportSac X Peanuts wallet

but i found better voucher later

11street coupon


i kinda expect it’ll arrive

pretty soon as these are from

Skechers Malaysia, isn’t it



end of story


i found this poster much later

when i have done writing this piece

and looking for the product names

thank goodness there were not

other promotion on top of the

11% off for fashion

Skechers 11 street


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