Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lovely Krabi 10: Being a Bag Person

okay i must say that

it’s quite a temptation

that they are selling

some kinda love bags


and there are sling bags

coming in a massive selection of

sizes, colour and designs


i got one

for my niece

which looks like



hoping that

she doesn’t like it and

i can actually keep it for myself

*as cunning as a fox*


as usually

i travel with 2 bags

this time round

Duffel X Backpack


plain and simple isn’t it

wait till you see

what i have in there

Many others in there


yeah i have a tote bag for shopping

mini backpack for day trip

mini sling bag for essentials only

mini mini handbag for phone only

packable backpack in case i buy a lot

and the rest are self-explanatory

functional case/bag/pouch etc



so i don’t think i need

another foxy bag

and i hope my niece likes it


another 3+ hours to go

not sure if my battery will

last me that long


just now there were two guys

conversing in a language i know

about me writing diary


hey isn’t it common courtesy that

you shouldn’t peep into other’s diary

but who is asking you to

write it in public


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