Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lovely Krabi 07: The Night Wave

as i arrived pretty late

as in early evening

all i got to do is to

have dinner and walk around Aonang


there is beach

right across the road

and i don't know

somehow it is beyond description


like how captivating this is

it's rough it's loud yet

it's kinda soothing

Nopparattara Beach, Aonang, KrabiNopparattara Beach, Aonang, KrabiNopparattara Beach, Aonang, Krabi


like something magical

is about to take place here

let it be a tale of pirate, treasure island

and sea guardian??

sorry i am being so damn lame

Nopparattara Beach, Aonang, KrabicofNopparattara Beach, Aonang, Krabi


and of course

i am so totally in love with my

Huawei P10 Plus

this is not a sponsored ad



when i returned again

on the final night

i somehow figured out

what's so magical about it

Nopparattara Beach, Aonang, Krabi


but sorry

it's just between me and Woodstock

haven't you heard that

magic disappears once it's known


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