Friday, September 8, 2017

All Black X All Safe: More Bikinis from Terranova

Bought Anyway X Not Knowing How to Wear’Em: Bikinis from H&M

Since i bought 2 bikini tops and

1 bikini bottom from H&M


i doubt i am going to wear them

like seriously

i thought all these while

i have been wanting to

look for all black to

substitute the pair I lost


just happened to be my day

like it was a Wednesday and

i walked into Terranova

items with marked down price

as well as buy 2 free 1 storewide promo


and there i found my all black

right sizes also

the one i took during

my first round were all too small


Bikini from Terranova


since it’s buy two free one

so i have to choose three

Bikini from Terranova


2 tops + 1 bottoms the other day

and 1 top + 2 bottoms this time round

3 complete sets and

nothing will go down with black

so i can simply match them away

in whichever way I want to

Bikini from Terranova & H&MBikini from Terranova & H&MBikini from Terranova & H&M


this was a ruffled cropped top from Cotton On

but i have chopped it off

Bikini from Terranova & Cotton On


by the way

one question here

why are bikinis getting so cheap

yet black (all) lingerie is getting

more and more pricey like seriously


i walked pass a T outlet yesterday

and saw they have some

underwired bra in organic cotton

with promotion it costs about

220 MYR for a pair


it looks pretty good

but of course i prefer

buying from their competitor W

which probably costs

about the same price too

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