Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lovely Krabi 03: More Bralettes, Please?

i brought 3 bralettes and an underwire

and i love them so much that

i am not wearing outer tops

even when i am working at balcony

and of course.. to sleep


and they dry so fast

i washed one like 3 hours ago

and left it under the sun

and now it’s completely dry


in fact

i have 8 new one

on the way because

exactly one week ago

they were having some

2 for 60 MYR promo

Black Wizard X All-Time Favorite: Many More Cotton On Bralettes


and one week later


they are having the same promo



oh man

i am seriously tempted

Cotton On Body Promo


simply because

they have new designs

and they are on sale too



and i happened to click in

gosh there are quite some

new designs!!


i actually found at least 6

that can qualify for free shipping

how now???

Cotton On Bralette - Body XCotton On Bralette - Harper LaceCotton On Bralette - Frankie Frill UnderwireScreenshot_20170919-160939Cotton On Bralette - Harper UnderwireCotton On Bralette - Harper


i know this shouldn’t

become one of the Krabi posts



and those i bought last week

are on sale too

30 MYR each

basically it’s the same as

60 MYR for two

why are they not arriving yet

Cotton On Bralette saleCotton On Bralette sale


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